• The New Hamburglar speaks to a new generation

    Although the "old" Hamburglar is a loveable furry monster, he doesn't represent the current generation of consumers. McDonald's new Hamburglar is more like a comic book superhero. His image resonates with both children and fun-loving adults. He is surrounded by mystery and style, and his adventures seem much more exciting than the old Hamburglar.

  • The Hamburglar should not change

    The Hamburglar should not change. I say this as an adult who grew up with an older version of the Hamburglar. And for me, I wouldn't want to see him change character. For a newer generation I can see why they do it, though. It is a marketing tool to lure new customers in.

  • Tne Hamburgler Teaches Children Wrong Values.

    We should be teaching children good morals, which include that stealing is wrong. MacDonald's is very popular with children and should present a positive image. The new image of the "Hamburglar" is not only scary to children but can promote the wrong values. I don't think they should be promoting stealing even if it is only hamburgers.

  • They're trying to hard

    I understand that a company needs to update things about its image to stay with the times, but this new Hamburglar just makes them look desperate. Isn't the Hamburglar supposed to appeal to kids in the first place? I doubt adult McDonald's customers care much about him and the children they were supposed to marketing to obviously can't connect with the character anymore.

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