• The New CBA Is Fair

    The new NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement is indeed fair. The deal is for 10 years and allows each side to opt out of it after 8 years. It also set a reasonable salary cap for teams in the league. I have a lot of problems with how the NHL is run today, but this new CBA is fair.

  • As much as it's going to be

    Something with Bettman's stamp on it needs to be given the thumbs up if it's at all functional. We'll be doing this dance again a decade down the road with the same headaches, but at least we're getting a (horribly mangled) season still. It's as good as it was going to get, it's flawed but fair.

  • Yes, the new NHL CBA is fair

    Yes, the new National Hockey League's Collective Bargaining Agreement is fair.

    I believe the new Collective Bargaining Agreement is fair for both sides. It will help with player instability in a fair way by holding players to a minimum 8 year contract, and it will also hold the other side accountable for labor peace.

  • No, the new NHL CBA is not fair.

    No, I believe that the new NHL CBA is not fair. The Collective Bargaining Agreement does not give enough rights to the players and too many rights to the league. When compared to the NBA, the NFL, or even the MLB, the NHL's CBA agreement has a draconian salary cap, which ultimately punishes the players for the league's inability to drum up enough revenue because of the dwindling general interest in professional hockey.

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