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  • They Make Millions of Dollars as it is.

    I think it's more then fair to make millions of dollars to play a game they love, most fans have to work their ass off to afford tickets or TV packages. In case you didn't know these players get $100 a day per diem for food while on the road. No person needs a hundred dollars a day for food, it's insane. Most people don't get a hundred bucks a day. They can pay for their own food considering they make millions as it is. Like cry me a river, they have it damn good.

  • No, I don't think so

    The players signed the new deal, didn't they? Then how can it be unfair? It was a negotiation, worked out between the players, owners, and the NHL. You would think that anything these groups worked out together would be a fair deal. Since the players weren't playing anyhow, I personally think that anything that got them back on the ice is better than nothing.

  • The Deal Is Fair

    The new NHL deal under their collective bargaining agreement is fair. If it was not fair, the players would have not agreed to it and just sat out the entire season. The salary cap and benefits to payers are very fair. The players and the player's union are also allowed to opt-out of the agreement.

  • No, it is not

    The players aren't being hurt by this deal, it just helps handcuff the owners a little bit and prevent players from getting absurdly long deals that nobody should be getting in such a high impact sport. The players didn't get what they wanted in a lot of areas, but many of them weren't very reasonable which was eventually conceded.

  • NHL Not Unfair to Players

    I don't think the NHL is unfair to players, I think they have just had to lay down a better set of guidelines than any other professional sport. People have to realize that professional sports governing bodies aren't really there for the sport. They are a business.

    Now, with agents, the players are realizing that too. But, with the players, at least there is some view of the 'spirit of the game'. They want to play at least. Other pro players just want money.

    I think the NHL run the best professional sport out there, so, no, they haven't been unfair to the players. Let the games begin!

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