• Yes it is important

    The best-selling gaming console of its time, NES helped revitalize the US video game industry following the video game crash of 1983..With the NES, Nintendo introduced a now-standard business model of licensing third-party developers, authorizing them to produce and distribute titles for Nintendo's platform. Hence the new Nintendo NES system is important to video game culture?

  • Yes, Nintendo NES has staked its claim as an integral part of the gaming culture.

    Yes, Nintendo NES system is an innovative system providing exciting entertainment with new greater functionality for the gaming culture. Gamers can enjoy brand new concepts with the new Nintendo NES system. The language shifts to one that is more articulate, ergonomic, and functional with the design of the controller for this system. The new Nintendo NES provides an exciting alternative to the original systems. It has sparked an innovative shift in the frontier of gaming and will inspire game and system developers for years to come.

  • It's just a token.

    I don't think that the new mini NES system will be big in the gaming culture. It's not anything new--it's just a smaller reproduction of an old system with limited games. I think it's more of a fun gift to give people than the next big thing in gaming for Nintendo fans.

  • No, it is not. T

    The new NES system is a novelty, since it does not allow players to use cartridges or disks of any kind. Because there is no way of adding new games to the system it is not really all that impressive. The number of games is severely limited as well. It does include some of the the most popular games but not all.

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