Is the new Physician Payment Sunshine Act for the best?

  • Yes, assuming correct implementation

    The Physician Payment Sunshine Act is a great-sounding piece of legislation that should modernize the dangerous world of interactive drugs. As long as the act is used correctly, it should be a boon for patients and doctors around the country. However, care must be taken that the information made available by this act is not misused by law enforcement or government to contrive evidence against an individual.

  • Yes the Physician Payment Sunshine Act is for the best.

    The terms of the Physician Payment Sunshine Act require that all pharmaceutical, medical device, biological, and medical supply manufacturers to report to Health and Human Services (HHS) and all payments or "transfers of value" they make to doctors and teaching hospitals. This will improve the transparency in the approval and certification process of drugs and medical devices.

  • I believe it is.

    The new Physician Payment Sunshine Acti if for the best. It allows pharmacuticals and physicians to track all medical transactions. I believe this would be better for the consumer, as well as to protect the doctors and the pharmacys. Delegates will be making sure the patients receive the proper benefits and are well informed of all medications.

  • Transparency and financial oversight is always a good thing.

    The act was set in place to show accounting records of how pharma reps are gaining the attention of medical professions. Pitching your product is typically more about presentation than it is about items specs, cost or quality. Deals made in informal settings are typically suspect as gifts and drinks are plied upon the purchaser to influence their decision. With this act, there should hopefully be a lower rate of these tactics being successful and a high rate of purchases based on quality.

  • Only another penalty to physicians

    That a physician cannot receive a $20 lunch without telling the government and the world about it is ridiculous. The same standards should be in play for every businessmen, lawyer, and politician who accept 'gifts' from constituents more than anyone. They tried this in Massachusetts and the only thing it accomplished was to take business away from the food industry (who successfully spearheaded a repeal.)

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