• Yes, the new Pope is too old.

    Yes, I believe that the new Pope is too old. When Pope Benedict first stepped down, there was an excitement among Catholics that a new, young and progressive Pope would be selected. Before the Papacy was filled, much speculation by experts was also hinting at the fact that a younger Pope would be selected. However, when Pope Francis was chosen, there was an almost tangible feeling of collective disappointment among Catholics that Pope Francis was too old to be the new Pope.

  • Yes, he won't change anything.

    If the Catholic Church really wanted to change how things are done and how they are seen in the world, they would have elected a new pope who was much younger and could appeal to a much wider audience. Instead they went for the same type of pope, an old man.

  • No, the new Pope is not too old.

    I agree with most; he is 76 alive and well. I believe if you are Catholic and a true believer and believe in the Catholic Church, there shouldn't be a need for change. If you don't feel you can live up to the Church and show your faith and commitment, then you can be like many others who have walked away from the church. I am not perfect, I have many faults and have made past mistakes. I believe these mistakes stemmed from the Devil trying to bring me down and tear me from the correct path. However, I persevered and I believe in the Catholic Church. I do not agree that there is a need for change. The Pope was chosen because he is strong-willed and has strong faith in the Church. God Bless him; he is a beautiful man.

  • Too old for what?!

    Popes are not required to run marathons, to aspire to the Olympics, or to partake in anything where age is a concern. They are catered to, have their every need taken care of by others and by teams of others, and need mostly simply to think, so age is not a consideration for a Pope.

  • Age is just a number.

    No, the new pope is not too old. He is 76 and appears to be healthy and living life as a normal, vibrant person. One of the requirements for the voting cardinals is for them to be younger than 80. Pope Francis is younger than 80 and in great health.

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yetifivepecks says2014-06-06T00:30:27.073
This question is ageist.