Is the New Testament of the Bible a good way to teach morals?

Asked by: michael90000
  • The New Testament announces sound morals

    Christianity is founded on the New Testament. The New Testament freed us from the legalism of the Old Testament and summed up all of Christian duty in love, meekness, and long-suffering. How many times does the New Testament call us to the virtues? I cannot see any morality that doesn't reflect the virtues.

  • Life Is Love

    I don't see a better way of teaching good morals. The new testament especially is chalked full of incredible nuggets that I don't believe we would have as a society without it. Even if you aren't a Christian there is much you can learn from it. Compassion for the poor, the disfigured, the sick, the dying and for the people the world turns away are all things that make life on earth better. They are all really abstract concepts when looking at it from a logical stand point as they give you nothing tangible to gain yourself. The sad part is many Christians gain something from religion that is not of the bible and that is hate. That is when the words get twisted and bent. Jesus's message was one of unconditional love regardless of people's short comings.

    Imagine the world if all Christians really started to live by our creed. It would be incredible! They would leave that judgmental mindset that so many have adopted at the door and stop acting like they are any better than those they point their fingers at. What I am trying to say is that the bible is great...However people are not and I feel how the church is today is the fault of people with their own ideals...Not Jesus's

  • Yes it is.

    The New Testament is basically the teaching of Jesus that relates very much with everyday life. Your profile, and recommendations too. It basically teaches a higher way of living and inspires you to live a moral life. As we all know, moral is crucial for every human being and is what keeps us civilized. It also teaches what is an abomination to mankind and teaches you very much of faith.

  • New Testament a Learning Tool for Morals

    Without a doubt, the New Testament is a great learning tool for morals. Parents can use the New Testament and its stories in order to teach their children basic morals and ethics. Very few tools provide such great opportunities to give a child a solid foundation in morals and righteousness.

  • The Old Testament

    It's impossible, in this day and age, to separate out the New from the Old. If you founded your own church without the Old Testament teachings, perhaps this question might be revisited. Until then, you have to deal with the Passover (God killing babies) the Flood (again), and the entire book of Leviticus. You then have to deal with the commandments wherein God hands down the OK on slavery.

    As a method of perhaps teaching a child in the home, away from the ravages of organized religion, I would endorse the teachings of Christ. However, at the moment they are inextricably linked in many Christian minds (of course, not all) throughout the world, and so for the moment, the answer is a definitive no.

    Posted by: Biff
  • Cherry picking doesn't work

    For all the reasonable and good advice that is contained in the new testament, there is an abundance of horrendously stupid and, by our current standards, immoral things in there too. For example, Luke 12:47 - "The servant who knows the master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows" . Thanks Jesus, I always wondered if beating my slaves is ok or not. So no, you shouldn't base any sort of morality on a text which doesn't completely adhere to our current, general sense of morals

  • I don't need God to be good

    Morality is perfectly explainable through naturalistic message means. Every time a holy book is tossed into the mix, it is interpreted in myriad ways to the point that others just cup their face in their hands and shake their heads. I'll take naturalism over the New Testament any day of the week.

  • The bible is immoral

    A person can be murderous, homicidal, brutal, violent, savage, vicious, bloodthirsty, cruel, human being and all sins will be forgiven if you but believe. This teaches that the way a person lives there life has no real value. The new testament tells us that Jesus died for our sins. This is nonsensical, how can killing a human being remove responsibility for one's own actions. To be moral you must be accountable for what you do, and not put your sins on a scapegoat. In choosing the new testament over the old testament you made a moral decision with out the help of the bible. Question everything and thank you for the question and have a nice day.

  • Morality has nothing to do with religion. You don't need God to be moral.

    The New Testament, just like the rest of the Bible, contains both moral and immoral things. Picking out just the good parts doesn't work as well as simply abandoning it altogether. After all, morality is a social construct that changes over time. It used to be moral to keep slaves, beat women, and discriminated based on race/color/gender/religion/sexual orientation, but now these things are immoral. The Bible and God had nothing to do with this change in morality. In fact, the Bible actually supports most of these previously "moral" acts. Thus, morality should be taught based on the principle of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This provides a widely agreed on foundation for basic morals (like don't steal, don't kill, etc.). Beyond that, children (and adults) should decide for themselves exactly what is moral or immoral.

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