Is the New York Daily News right that "God isn't fixing" the gun problem in the U.S.?

  • God isn't fixing anything!

    Shame on the Republican candidates for tweeting God related tweets after yet another mass shooting. We've had more mass shootings in America this year than days in the year. We live in gun anarchy right now. We aren't a safe, happy and peaceful country to live in. Anyone who is getting money from the NRA needs to not make a statement of sympathy right after a shooting, that's an absolute disgrace. What that is basically saying is I apologize for my inaction regarding gun regulation and I will continue to do absolutely nothing because I'm bought by the NRA. Policy is the only thing that will help improve the situation. There is no reason this many people have to die every year. It's absolutely ridiculous

  • I am not hating on religion

    Ya the USA has gun problems and people need to fix it, its really getting out of hand. And when you trow god in there to help, its like saying god will save you from a building coming down on you, witch is bad. People jumped out a window on 9/11 and some where religious and i didn't see them being caught and saved by god himself...

  • Yes God is not fixing the gun problem

    The gun problem in the US is getting out of hand. Practically every month, if not fortnight, we hear of senseless mass shooting some place in the US. God cannot fix the problem, the political and national will can only fix it, and at this juncture it seems to be lacking.

  • God can't fix anything

    People need to fix themselves, no higher power is going to do it for us. Whether you agree or disagree on guns or any other topic, using God is an excuse for inaction. If we want to change things we need to put them in our own hands, and stop teaching our children to turn to any God for fixes.

  • Action Must be taken by those with the ability

    To expect, or allow, that perhaps God should fix any practical, functional issue of civilization is a narrow escape that dodge responsibility. To enact real change, those with the ability to craft laws and enforcement must bear the burden to do so, even if politically unpopular. God doesn't cause people to turn guns on other people, He certainly can't stop them from buying guns.

  • When will the double standards end?!

    How dare the New York Daily News (if it can even be called an news carrier) mock God when they and liberals have taken him out of the picture long ago. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in separation of church and state as defined by the constitution, but that does not mean God cannot play a part in the decisions we make every day. God is not a take-out service, you can't just pick and choose when you want things from him. It's like kicking your own parents out of the house and then getting mad at them for not buying you groceries.

  • Their Article is Wrong on So Many Levels

    God has been healing people and solving problems since the dawn of time. He hasn't gone out of his way to stop every bad thing, but God has been making the world a great place for humans since He created humans.

    The New York Daily's attack on Christians was very, very poor taste, especially considering this tragedy wasn't even triggered by Christians, it was attacked by Muslims.

  • Someone must fix the gun problem

    The gun problem in the USA is really serious, not only in regard with the organized crime and its associates, but also in regard with accidental, unpredictable incidents, usually involving young people. I do not believe that God has a place in this issue, people need to decide if having a gun is most important than protecting lives.

  • Three more words

    Suggestive text based comments: I would you consider this a good idea that the Bible says so arguments for his claims that it was the only way we are to suggests the Church is not the Church is not the Church has a problem for you is that it would

  • "In God We Trust"

    Sound familiar? That is what's on all our coins! But we as a country have turned away from God, So why would He want to solve all our problems? If we are expecting God to fix our fallen world, Then we need to turn to Him. He's already working on our behalf, But why would those who don't even believe He exists be the ones waiting for Him to strike the shooters dead? You can't put God in a box, Which is exactly what our country is trying to do. We need to get back to "In God We Trust" -in all things.

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