Is the newly proposed European framework for Roma integration ineffective?

  • This a well rooting way of thinking

    These issues of discrimination are well rooted and date back centuries into history. It is evident that there is still a large amount of discrimination against people that are just merely attempting to keep their traditions alive, such as the nomadic Gypsies. In the end, both the Europeans must be able to accept the Roma and vice versa in order for integration to be effective and this doesn't seem to happening very quickly.

  • More Must be Done

    The difficulty with the framework is that Europeans must be open to accepting the Roma as well as the Roma accepting a plan for integration. Prejudice and stereotypes must be overcome first in order for integration to be effective. The European framework will only work when everyone is on board for it.

  • Hard to change sentiment

    The biggest problem facing the Roma people are not the laws or the governments (necessarily, although some aren't particularly helpful), but rather the popular opinions and sentiment of the people in the countries. It will be hard to help or, especially, integrate the Roma into modern European society if people don't accept them implicitly.

  • Discrimination Goes Back Centuries

    The idea that the Roma people can be integrated into European society still has a long way to go. There is still rampant discrimination against the group from Romania to Britain. Gypsies just want to practice their traditions, but it is hard when a nomadic way of life is nearly impossible in large groups moving through developed nations like Germany and France. Integration of the Roma into modern Europe will take decades more to happen, but the key is to start with the children who are more open to change than adults.

  • It is a good start.

    No, the newly proposed European framework for Roma integration is not ineffective, because there is a great deal of progress that has been made on the situation of the Roma. No integration program will ever be perfect, because integrating into society is a hard thing to do. But many of the Roma have found a better life because of the integration policies.

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