Is the news lower quality in the Information Age?

  • Yes it is lower quality.

    The news only gives you one side which is what that news station believe on the subject. It only gives you the way a republican or democrat thinks about the info. Articles that have a lot more information and are non-bias can be found on the Internet just as easy. As well as, the information you want can be done at any time on the Internet when news channels are only on at 5 and go over brief descriptions of the information.

  • Diluting the information

    The information age isn't exactly an accurate title. A better thing to call it would be the misinformation age. People can make up anything, "information" is mostly gleaned from Wikipedia - which can be edited by anyone at anytime - rumors will spread on Twitter and once credible news sources will rush to be the first to print without doing any fact-checking, etc.

  • News Is Lower Quality

    The quality of news use be double and triple checked by the editors of newspaper empires. Since those newspapers are falling to the wayside, not as many articles get checked thoroughly as they use to, given the quality of some, they don't seem to be checked at all. It's all about getting the story out on the Internet, as soon as possible. I do believe the quality of news is significantly lower.

  • Yes, the news has become lower quality in modern times.

    Because news sources want to get ratings and be popular in an age of there being information everywhere, they often sensationalize events. They will even brag about being the first one "live" to a deadly scene, as if that should matter when people are dying. They also report on things that are hardly news at all. As an example, on January 16, 2014, one of the big stories on ABC evening news was that the China National Orchestra played a Katy Perry song. The news has become more about entertaining people than informing them.

  • So Many Sources

    I do believe that the news quality has lowered with the Information Age. With the Internet being as vast as it is, anyone can report news and there are many layers of journalism. For some people it is difficult to tell the difference between quality reporting, therefore all of the news is lumped into one.

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