• Yes, until we know exactly what his mental issues were, he is evil.

    I understand that people who commit mass shootings are most likely mentally unstable. I read about a mass shooting where a man killed six of his co-workers, and later told police that he truly believed he had traveled through time and killed Hitler and five of his Nazis. But we don't know if Adam Lanza was delusional. No one has called him schizophrenic, and all we have heard is that he was "a little autistic" and was possibly suffering from Asperger's. Until something comes out that Adam Lanza suffered psychotic episodes where he truly didn't know what was going on, I will continue to label him as evil.

  • Only someone evil could slaughter children.

    I believe that anyone, regardless of mental status, who is able to slaughter children in inherently evil, without a doubt. From the amount of weapons he had, and the plain fact that he murdered so many helpless people, there is no doubt in my mind that he was a very evil person.

  • There is no binary good and evil.

    Human beings are far too complicated to be either saint or sinner, good or evil. There is so much to account for when telling of one's morality. Yes, we can all agree what he did was bad, but this man had some internal turmoil. Some pain was within this man, and he was incapable of handling it. It pays off to remember that at the end of the day, we are all only human.

  • No, he was not evil, he was mentally ill.

    No, I do not think Adam Lanza was evil. I do think he was seriously mentally ill, and probably not getting the help he desperately needed. It's easy to dismiss him as evil and just move on, but that's dangerous for all of us. Until we start getting the mentally ill the services they need, we're going to keep seeing things like this.

  • He wasn't evil, he was more than likely mentally ill

    As a parent, my heart shattered by this event. But as a parent, I realize that Adam Lanza was someone's child as well, and in the little bits of information we have now all signs are pointing towards him suffering from some sort of mental illness. His actions were evil, no doubt, but without knowing what his condition was and what events led up to this tragedy... I can't in good conscious deem him, as a person, evil.

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