• The worst division in football, it just might be the NFC South.

    Rejoice fans of every team except those in the NFC South division. Looks like your teams are not in the worst ones out there. It's sad to have to call a winner on this front, but it seems there might be. Their average team standing, isn't standing up to the other divisions. Sorry guys, better luck next season.

  • Yes, it has been plagued by mediocrity and mundanity

    The NFL season often throws out surprises, and NFC South's poor fortunes have been surprising to most. The poor form of the key teams has hurt the division. The Atlanta Falcons are struggling to improve on last year's bad season, the Carolina Panthers have had a worse season than anybody expected, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have too many problems to list.

  • No as all divisions have ups & downs

    No-one can ever say categorically that a division is the best or the worst, as it is only a matter of opinion. They either have this view because they personally like the division or the view that is closer to the truth (but not definite) is taken from statistics. But overall statistics don't prove anything as they do not factor in all of the facts that surround the performance of any division. Also the overall statistics now, won't be the same in a few months or a year because they will have more data to include.

  • No, the NFC south is not the worst division in football.

    No, the NFC south is not the worst division in football. The New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons are both better than their records show. The worst division in football by far is the AFC South. Outside of the Indianapolis Colts, the whole division is trouble. The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't had a winning season since 2007, the Houston Texans are nothing without their defence, and the Tennessee Titans are just plain awful.

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