• NFL players are becoming babies.

    The game used to be a lot more rough, with lots less protection. People bled all the time during games, now everyone freaks out if one of the players are bleeding. The game has taken a U-turn in the wrong direction. I agree with calling certain fouls to protect the players from serious injury, but still....

  • Yes they are

    The NFL now is too protective. Football is a mans sport not a little girls sport. That's why the players have equipment to keep them safe. I agree they shouldn't have helmet to helmet hits but hitting the quarterback should be allowed. Mine as well tell the quarterbacks not to use pads if no ones not allowed to hit them.

  • They Chose This.

    All NFL football players had the choice on whether or not they wanted to pursue a career in football. And while I think that there should be certain precautions taken, I also believe that it's gotten out of hand. Especially with the quarterbacks. They can all go back to school and have successful lives elsewhere, but this is the endeavor they chose themselves.

  • Modern day gladiators, are surprised that they might get hurt? I wonder how tough it was to sign that multi million dollar contract

    Is it a secret that you might get hurt playing football or anything besides getting off the couch? I don't want people hurt. Football is not a new thing. They make millions for what do and signed up.
    Military sign up for 30,000 a year. Our supposed heroes. Supposed because the pay chart seems backwards. ......

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