• They are Homophobic

    I mean come on, for the people that have come out as gay in the NFL, they could've been payed off for saying that the NFL wasn't homophobic. Look at it from both sides, the NFL and its football players. They are simply hiding the fact that they are homophobic.

  • Nfl is totally homophobic

    They have never offered any support towards the community or work with the public at all to create a welcoming environment. A simple public media campaign showing support, or locker room tolerance and acceptance training should be mandatory. By taking a few small steps the nfl would improv their image and would do absolutely no harm.

  • NFL = Homophobe to the MAX!

    It seems to me that, like the military, many people are uncomfortable with homosexuals, and also like the military, seems to have a impromptu 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy. Some of the people who are playing in the NFL are so homophobic that they would rather quit than play with a gay man. They might also resort to violence, and these threats are what is keeping homosexuals out of professional sports. This needs to change. Believe it or not, Homosexuals are people too, just like every other group of people that has ever been persecuted (Mexicans, Women, African-Americans, Asians, Jews, etc.), and they deserve rights, including the right to play sports without ridicule.

  • NFL seems very homophobic

    With many players coming out saying that they could never play football with someone that was a homosexual, we see the issue is that they fear people like this. I start to wonder if ever we will see an active player come out and announce they are gay because as of right now many players seem to show great disdain to this lifestyle. The real issue is that people are currently playing that are gay and hide from players that make these remarks. We really need to work towards a world where people can feel free to be their selves without people spouting hate.

  • No, It Is Not

    While many would argue that the NFL is the very representation of masculinity and machismo, few can say that the organization as a whole is homophobic. The National Football League is merely a cross section of the rest of America, and it is fair to say that America is not homophobic.

  • The NFL Is Not Homophobic

    The NFL is not homophobic. There might be some individuals that are part of it that are homophobic, but it is not homophobic as a whole. What a few people say does not represent the thoughts of the entire league. The NFL has not given anyone a reason to think they are homophobic.

  • Not the League.

    I don't think the NFL itself is homophobic at all. Some of the players might be. I know I've read of players who would be uncomfortable with a gay teammate. But the players themselves only represent their opinion and their point of view. They don't represent the NFL's point of view. I think the NFL would embrace a player who comes out, and would give him all his right as a football player.

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