• It wasn't always but now it is a $32 Billion SHARED REVENUE CORPORATION, and outcomes can't be left to chance.

    The NFL is a corporation with 32 departments. The total league revenues are shared equally so there is no punishment for owning Jacksonville vs Kansas City vs Dallas.

    A few fundamentals need to be established:
    First, the NFL possesses an Anti-Trust Exemption to the law granted to it by President John F. Kennedy, which ultimately allows the NFL to classify itself as "entertainment" rather than sport, as well as incorporate itself as a single entity instead of the 32 separate "franchises" they would want you to believe.

    Second, in a 2004 lawsuit vs the NFL, the NFL argued they are not a collection of 32 teams, but a single entity. They compete as a unit in the entertainment marketplace, and not subject to Anti-Trust laws." Like the WWE.

    Third, NFL Referees are part-time employees of the NFL. NFL refs make less than $75,000 per season. They work for the league, period. Referees are bound by NFL mandated gag orders which prevent them from talking to the media.

    The "Patriots" post 9/11 run.
    The Saints 40 years of losing, then winning a title for a Katrina ravaged city.
    The Harbaugh Bowl
    Marketing MAGIC !!!

    In 2007 a Jets season ticket holder sued the NFL for $185 million and the case reached the US Supreme Court. The Jets fan argued that, all Jets fans are entitled to refunds because they paid for a ticket to a legitimate sporting event. Had he been aware that the games were not real then we would not have gone.

    The Judge stated that a ticket to a game only provides you access to the stadium. The fan entered the stadium, witnessed a game, therefore he did not suffer any damages. The fan's lawyer disagreed and argued that the NFL committed consumer fraud.

    Judges ruled that fixing a game for entertainment purposes was completely LEGAL.

    In 2000 Art Model, a storied and respected owner of the Baltimore Ravens announced he was selling the team. Miraculously, even with one of the worst offenses in NFL history, they won the Super Bowl. And the Ravens were subsequently sold to Steve Busciotti for a record price.

    Robert Kraft and John Mara are two of the most business savvy and highly respected NFL owners. Kraft is in charge of the NFL TV broadcast committee and also leads all television negotiations for the NFL. Kraft also is on the board of Viacom (CBS). Kraft negotiated a record TV deal resulted in $24 Billion in revenue.

    Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank was interviewed saying "It is predetermined that these two teams would be here, I wish my team was selected to be in the Super Bowl, but these two gentlemen deserve it".

    There are many more examples, and no one wants this to be true.....But it is. The NFL said it themselves in court. We are entertainment and we can manage outcomes as we see fit. We're EXEMPT. Thanks for reading all of this. It is compiled from many sources.

  • Does it make sense?

    The stealer's didn't have a winning season...and you know the stealer's an elite team didn't make the playoffs...there's seems shady to me know they always aint going to go to the championship or the superbowl but it doesn't make sense that a elite team such as the stealer's didn't go to the playoffs out of all teams

  • NFL seems more and more rigged

    No one can deny that the Patriots laid down in the AFC Conference Championship. The Ravens DID NOT outplay them by any means. So how can a high-flying Patriot offense lose to an aging, mediocre Ravens defense? With a little help. The Ravens are in fact the team of destiny this year, because it was made to be so. This team lost 5 of its last 6 games and had ZERO momentum going into the playoffs. Ray Lewis decides to retire, and the "Harbowl" seems a whole lot more attractive to the league, with it being Lewis' last game to boot. It seems too good to be true, and it's probably because it is. It's a nice story, and it's sure to get the league more ratings and the attention away from concussions, but it doesn't add to the integrity of the game.

  • If it wasn't rigged, people would lose interest.

    I have been a fan since I was a child. One only has to read a few comments above to begin seeing the bigger picture. Out of the last ten Super Bowls, 6 of them have been decided by 4 points or less. Why have the games been so close? Is it just a coincidence? Is it a coincidence that ten years ago a 30 second commercial would set back a company just over a million dollars and ten years later that same 30 second slot now exceeds 4 million dollars? If the "big game" was a blow out before the 2nd Quarter even started, people would lose interest and advertisers paying 4 million wouldn't be too happy now would they? Keep the games close and you keep the people watching. I believe the refs are in on the scandal. These people can dictate the outcome of any game. We saw this come to light in Super Bowl 47.

  • This year's Super Bowl

    During the last season, Baltimore was struggling just to make it to the playoffs, but when ray Lewis announced that he is retiring after the season, they come out of nowhere and win the Superbowl. Even though in the last minute there was a holding call on the Ravens that was not called. Last year the same thing happened to the New York Giants. They came from barely winning their division to winning the Superbowl, but the following year they don't even make it to the playoffs. In most sports the team that wins the championship usually has a good season, they may not win or make it to the championship, but they always get close to winning.

  • Definitely.

    Lets go back to 1998. It all starts with the Denver Broncos. Elway plans to retire but has no Super Bowl rings. How will he ever make it into the HOF without them? No problem. Wins 2 back to back super bowls, as if to say, one isn't a guarantee or too obvious, so 2 it is. The following year we have Grocery Boy Kurt Warner and the greatest show on turf, against the miracle Titans, where the rams win "by the longest yard"... Fast-forward 2 years, we have one of the largest tragedies in american history, AKA, 9/11 and the Twin Towers. We also have an unknown "dynasty" in the makings with a bunch of unknown individuals knows as the PATRIOTS, who come out of nowhere and beat what is still one of the best offenses in the Rams. Can we say "moral booster"? Needless to say, we can't make it obvious, so we must now have the Patriots in a lot more Super Bowls so it doesn't look so obvious. Not to mention their scandal that was legally just "washed away". Spygate anyone? Fast forward to 2006. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Jerome Bettis retirement party in, where... None other than his hometown of Detroit. What a great place to win a Super Bowl and retire right? Then we have Peyton Manning finally win the Super Bowl, followed up by his brother Eli the very next season, only to defeat this "dynasty" team. Oh the irony of all these stories. Maybe we just notch them all up to "coincidence"... or then again we realize just how much money the NFL is worth and the excitement value attached to it all.

  • Refs

    For the NFL to be rigged the players wouldn't have to know anything about it. The higher ups pick and pay the refs themselves. Patriots win 5 months after 9/11. Saints are good for the first time ever after Katrina. Elway wins twice when he announces retirement. Jerome Bettis wins a Super Bowl in his hometown to retire. And after watching Ray Lewis and Co. Push a referee and not even get penalized last night how can you not think its rigged?

  • Advertisements really suck

    I really only watch the 1st, 3rd-4th quarter. Way too many advertisements these days. It would be interesting (not really) to figure out what percentage of the game time slot is advertisements. It's pretty sad, but that's why football makes much more money than any other sport. They can't take commercial breaks for soccer, rugby, or hockey. Not worth it for broadcast rights or syndication on network tv.

  • General thoughts on mechanisms allowing manipulation.

    I would like to know who in here believes that the NFL is fixed or at least some games are fixed? If so, who fixes them and how do they do it? I would love to hear all of the theories that people have.

    I'd imagine there are lots of ways games could be slanted. I don't know the exact process of how the officials prepare for games but I would not be surprised if they watched each of the teams games in the week prior. If that happens the NFL make calls saying watch such and such play where this guy held, they were getting away with *that a lot last game, we want you to watch for *that.

    Alternately they might send them game tape showing various plays over the season with the same intent: we want you to emphasize *this, it's been a real problem. On the same line of process, they might release weekly grades for the officials, we think this crew did well, we think *this was an exemplary game (by outcome).

    There is a league official with communication to the field in every game and they would serve many of the same functions afore mentioned, by noting calls that may have been missed or were perhaps questionable in the minds of those reviewing.

    Finally, after games there is likely a review process where officials would get *feedback and in doing so could determine whether they were *interpreting signals correctly.

    Broadly I think the biases that occur are competition/entertainment bias.

  • The NFL is 100% Rigged

    The NFL's referees are the biggest puppets of this gimmick called the NFL. The refs control the game from start to finish, like Tom Brady's infamous tuck rule against the Raiders who always seem to get screwed by the refs. I believe the NFL goes in cycles. Vikings WILL be good in a couple years, why? Because they haven't had their glory in 30 years. Patriots had theirs, Baltimore had theirs due to the fact of Ray Lewis retiring, THE NFL IS FIXED.

    Posted by: walk
  • No, the NFL is not rigged.

    Of course the NFL is not rigged. While the rules have been made more stringent to help prevent injuries, that is not the same as rigging the league. For the entire league to be rigged, there would have to be thousands of people in on the scam. There is no way that many people would keep their mouths shut about a scandal that large.

  • No, the NFL is not rigged

    If the NFL was rigged, it would come down to money. That means big names would win every year. A team such as the Green Bay Packers couldn't exist, because they don't have enough money to play a rigged game. There wouldn't be teams like the Giants that go on a crazy win, because the only way to gain money from this would be to gamble. In order to have an underground rigged gambling system, far too many players, coaches, and GM's would need to be involved. Additionally, dropped and made catches in the final second could be planned, but wouldn't always come out right. With Super Zoom Instant Replays and challenges, there is no way possible to rig the game.

  • Is The NFL Rigged?

    Its impossible to rig the NFL because it is so many players and you just cant say it's rigged because they get paid millions to catch,hit,pass, and etc. So maybe a player is getting paid try to mess up a play or something like that for extra money,but everybody does no t want to lose so you cant really say its rigged

  • The NFL can't be rigged

    To be fair, some of it makes sense, like the Ray Lewis thing, but to actually rig the NFL would be impossible. To start, no one, ever, in the history of the NFL, ever came out and said it's rigged.The NFL would be broke paying off thousands of people, every year to keep quiet. Second,there haven't been enough instances of Refs blowing a call for them to be anything more than Referees. Third, there are too many other things in place. Like the NFLPA, or the Referee's Union. We all saw the replacements were undertrained, but got the majority of the calls right, but only the calls a Veteran or Trained Referee could determine, were the calls that gave trouble. Oh, and to answer that stupid Super Bowl comment, in case you haven't noticed, The Super Bowl has, 77% of the time been close. There are only about maybe 6-8 Super Bowls were one team didn't have a chance and got blown out. And for the record, about 4-5 of those were in the 60s , The NFL Stone Age. But you know what really bugs me about this? It's that about 69% of the 71% of people who think the NFL is rigged, probably heard or read(if you idiots can read) it somewhere, looked it up, read one of these stupid articles(again assuming you morons can read), saying it's fake, something made just a little sense, and you jackasses roll with it 100%. This conversation is over. The NFL is not rigged, you people are.

  • Impossible to rig Football

    The only illegal activities the NFL has been involved in (did not involve the league) was in the early days the mob would pay off players to miss field goals or fumble the football, but those days are behind us now. Enjoy the greatest game ever to be played friends!

  • No.

    Note the only person saying yes doesn't explain how, this is because it's not true and only a moron would think it was. Look at the Seattle Green Bay game earlier this year and the outrage caused by the replacement referees blowing the call deciding it, the league could not survive such public controversy on a regular basis and it's far too fast paced a game for the players to intentionally flub plays.

  • The NFL is not rigged.

    The NFL is not rigged. Everything would have to go perfect, players keeping quiet, coaches keeping quiet, refs and owners keeping quiet. The NFL is too fast paced to rig. Also with the bad publicity the Saints got for the bounty scandal, the NFL wouldn't survive if it was rigged. So no, the NFL is not rigged.

  • Are you serious????

    Let's get something straight. These players in the NFL play from the time they are in grade school and accomplish a lifetime of work to get to the NFL. You mean to tell me that when they are the best in high school, the best in college, and when they reach the NFL they just say, "Hey, I'm going to start acting football and just make money." No. Anyone who came to this site is just upset that their team had a bad call during a game. Because guess what, if it was for your team, you would have stayed quiet and agreed with the call. Get over the bad call your team just faced and continue to watch the game. Heck, I would know. I'm a Titans and Eagles fan. Since when have they gone to the Superbowl and won? None. Both of my teams have never won a superbowl. Again, STOP BEING CHILDREN EVERYONE.

  • Of Course Not

    It is impossible to rig a football game, especially one so fast paced and high contact such as in the NFL. There are too many people involved in the NFL for it to be rigged. You can't rig something this large-scaled. Just look at how many players, coaches, personnel, etc. Are in the league right now, then think of how many there's been in the previous 40+ years. For someone to actually say the NFL is rigged is ignorant.

  • Of Course Not

    Nobody in their right mind can look at all the stats and say the NFL is rigged. There is too many variables. Injury, dropped passes, play calling, clock time, etc. Anybody who thinks it is rigged has not looked at the facts and read up on NFL history and stats. There is no way the NFL is rigged. Refs can blow calls, but they're humans as well. No way the NFL is rigged, if it was nobody would watch. Also, when a team loses, they're fan base generally says the league is to blame, that the games are rigged, or the world is against them. Grow up and realize that the NFL is too complicated to rig towards a particular franchise. Otherwise all games would be close and go into overtime because that is what makes games very exciting.

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StevenDixon says2013-05-22T20:15:45.957
The fact 77% of people said yes just shows how irrational people are and that they'll do anything to avoid admitting their favorite team is garbage.
Anonymous says2013-09-16T01:58:44.647
Dude wake up.... The love of money by powerful people control everything!
Bren1111 says2015-01-19T00:33:06.283
Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks 1/18/15 .How Packers be on point for first half of game. Then possession of ball four or five times including interceptions Packers go no where or do anything with ball not even a first down. Oh Seahawks come from way behind and kinda walk to touchdowns after next with no effort defensive to win game. I could tell the way announcers were talking you could tell who was going to win. Don't take a scientists to see it. Its definitely predetermined just like wrestling.

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