• Sophisticated Technology and an amazing car for a fraction the price of a super car in its league.

    This car may not be the most luxarious but it's not a cheap peice of plastic. And its definitely not a track day car like many other super carts out there. This car can also be an everyday car that gets as many back looks as another super car out there. Beauty, Technology, and speed. Speed too with a excess of 190 MPH

  • Nissan GTR Not Ultimate Car

    No, the Nissan GTR is not the ultimate car. The word "ultimate" means "final" or "last", and the Nissan GTR is certainly not the final car that shall be produced. It is possibly the best car on the market today, but that is largely left up to opinion. It is not the last car, though.

  • There is no "ultimate car".

    When it comes to calling a vehicle the "ultimate car', it is really a matter of debate. It depends on the person and what type of specific features their respected car needs to be classified as the "ultimate car". What appears to be ultimate and amazing to me, may not be the same for the next guy.

  • The Mclaren p1 is better

    The Mclaren p1 is the best car in the world it is very fast and it looks so so so cool way better than the Nissan GT-R faster to so even tho it is quite expensive it is still better the Ctr is still cool but I like the Mclaren p1

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