Is the No Child Left Behind education law in America a good policy and worth continuing?

  • Equality for all

    Statistics show that narcissism is at an all time high and empathy is at an all time low. What values are we teaching our children when we tell them that we are separate from those with disabilities. It does not surprise me that so many people are against the "No child left behind" policy, because human beings are the most destructive species of all species. We treat those in need different from those who are not. Are these actions not inhumane? When schooling was created, it was intended to make people valuable citizens. People with disabilities are valuable and they are citizens. People with all disabilities have proven to be valuable in society, vetter than those who have no mental disabilities. Do you know who the smartest man in the world is? He has a disability that does not hold him back from being the smartest man in the world.

  • There's a bigger picture.

    I don't understand why everyone hates this act. Don't you all care about preparing your child for the future? I feel like something's wrong, America. I may be young, but I know that preparing kids for the future is important. If they get stressed, the kids get stressed. There is only more stress ahead for them in the future. Additionally, something has to get our kids into colleges. The colleges don't only look at the SAT/ACT scores. There is a big picture here that isn't being looked at.


    it is worth it because, it allows all children to get the same education, and have the same academic standards no matter what their race or economic background is. Just because you come from a challenged background, doesn't mean that you should be looked down upon and have lower standards than everyone else. All people are capable of making great academic achievements as long as they apply themselves. No child left behind doesn't neccessarily mean that everyone will graduate to the next level whether they have earned it or not.

  • yes

    yes because we need our children to get the same value education as the other child

  • Yes, because the No Child Left Behind law should be maintained to provide for the continuing equal education of all students.

    All children are worthy of the same value of education as the other. If we allow one student to excel, and one student to fall behind, then we are once again promoting bigotry and hatred, both of which we do not need to be promoted to children. We need this program to ensure the value of the next generation.

    Posted by: aerosmithgirl12
  • I agree with the No Child Left Behind act because it makes sure that every child receives the education and special teaching they require so they receive a good education.

    Due to the regular testing required by this legislation, students' learning problems are identified regularly and the teachers are able to work harder with students in the areas of concern.

    Posted by: Kri5Giga
  • The no child left behind policy is a good one.

    I do believe that the no child left behind education law is a good policy. It makes sure that all children are educated. This is beneficial because to even get a minimum wage job you have to have a high school diploma. I do believe this policy should be continued.

    Posted by: barbiegirll
  • Improving the education standards to hold schools to higher standards is very worthwhile.

    Even though the education system in America has more money per capita than many other countries, American children rank behind others that spend less. New standards of holding schools accountable is very important. The law may not be perfect and could be improved, but the general goal is worthwhile and should not be dropped in the face of objections from teacher unions.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • Kids work at their own pace

    They don't need some special ed kid just holding back the whole class, that's why they have special resources and mentally retarded classes. Because, how are they supposed to be excelling, when there are those one two kids trailing behind that aren't on the same education level as everyone else?

  • One size doesn't fit all

    If everyone is different, why have an education system that teaches them like they're the same? NCLB is a system. The reason that are scores are so bad compared to the rest of the world is because we aren't teaching kids according to their needs, we're teaching them according to a standardized test.

  • Everyone is left behind

    I just feel that students who can grasp topics more quickly shouldn't be punished at the cost of students who require more help. I just want all our classes to be specifically tailored to the students. Holding the accelerated students back is not helping our country advance and achieve more academically.

  • No Child Left Behind is not worth the millions of dollars we put into it.

    NCLB has a very negative effect of children in schools. It encourages them not to push themselves because the standards are just being brought down lower & lower. With trying to reach 100% proficiency everything is slowed down so those that are behind can be at 'normal' and then that leaves those who are ahead left behind because they aren't rewarded for their advancement. Teachers teaching to a test also kills the motivation of the students to actually learn and prepare themselves for the future of the world and life. The manipulation of scores shows the students that even if you do fail, it's alright that someone can just make it look like your passing without you having to actually try.

  • We are dumbing things down

    Why cause a child to not reach full potential by making them do standard things when they could be able to do advanced placement things. We wouldn't know because we are locking everything down and also causing children to be lazy and only doing enough to get by instead of going above and beyond.

  • Leaving Kids Behind

    While the NCLB has a good intention, the teachers are actually teaching the TEST, rather than useful information. A student should not be judged on by this ONE test. You also should not let one test decide your fate. You aren't really learning information from these standardized tests due to the amount of tests being excessive (Research shows that too much of these things may cause depression) and the teachers teaching the tests. Think of this: Would you rather have a doctor that has good test scores operating on you, or a doctor who knows what he is doing? That is what the NCLB act is accomplishing. Putting people in stress and letting the test results decide their future.

  • its a horrible act

    A. All students are held to the same achievement standard regardless of their ability level.
    B. Teachers are increasingly only teaching “to the test” due to the widespread fear that their students will perform badly resulting in their termination.
    C. In the past year, more schools have been identified as “in need of improvement” than in previous years.

  • The wrong way to fund

    First of all, testing kids constantly is ridiculous. Another thing, the tests just aren't for everyone. Think of disabled kids, for example, who can not meet AYP (adequate yearly progress). My elementary school had the highest number of disabled students in the city, and as a result, never made AYP and lost funding. My second biggest thing is where the attention and funding is going to. I was always an 'advanced' kid in school, but I got no attention because the law forced teachers to focus on helping disabled and lower-level kids make AYP. Because I was already way above this, I was left behind, and was not given the attention I needed to continue advancing.

  • Nothing is gained from the FCAT.

    As a student who took FCAT, I never gained anything from it except the free snacks they gave you in the break between testing. Plus I faked my whole way through all of the FCAT tests and I am still horrible at math. I'd rather have a teacher actually teach me what I can use in college rather than worry about a crap test, and now be stuck dishing out $300 plus for an elementary algebra class I can barley understand.

  • No Child Left Behind is absolutely not a good thing.

    Simple algebra: No Child Left Behind =No Child Gets Ahead. We are "dumbing" down our country. I am extremely frustrated with this policy because I, fortunately, have a bright child in the program. We are starting to see the signs of school being a waste of time. He is drawing pictures on his school work because he finishes before others. He tells us he is bored all the time at school. There are so many levels to point the finger at here. We actually print out and have to create homework for him because the work he brings home is being done in less than a minute. School should be a little more challenging for 3rd grade.

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