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  • Only for average

    Me, being a gifted student knows it does nothing to help gifted children which makes them drop out. These children are the Steve Jobs and Albert Einsteins of the future and this act is just throwing these brains away. Also, standardized testing isn't always accurate because some students have test anxiety.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe the No Child Left Behind program is working, but it probably is not the fault of the legislation. I believe a lot of the fault lies in three areas: parents, teachers, and the economy. We have the perfect storm in America where money trumps everything and it is harming everything in our society.

  • No it is not

    No it is not working that well for these poor children. There are kids who are now just getting pushed through still and they are not achieving their potential. Our education system is so broken that the way it is going these kids are going to end up suffering in the long run.

  • No, the No Child Left Behind program isn't working.

    I do not believe that the No Child Left Behind program is working. I think that while the program has worked for some people, I do not think that it is working that great overall. I think that the program needs to be reworked a little to make it a lot more efficient.

  • It leaves children behind.

    No, the No Child Left Behind program is not working, because students who cannot advance to the next grade who are stuck in the 5th grade are the ones that are left behind. Those students become discouraged and they will end up just dropping out of school, rather than just spin in a cycle.

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