Is the “No uterus, No opinion” a bad argument for abortion?

  • Yes, It is an awful argument

    The "no uterus, No opinion" argument is hardly an argument since it makes no appeal to any logical, Empirical, Or philosophical substance. Instead the argument relies on an appeal to authority fallacy which suggests that the truth of the claim "abortion is morally wrong" (or the contrapositive, That it is morally justified) is predicated upon the nature of the genitalia of the person making the claim. However, An argument against this is that it is undermined by its own conclusion. Suppose the opinions of those with uterus' are all that matters in this debate. A problem arises. For even among females there is diverse opinion on this subject, Therefore no objective conclusion can be arrived at which would be any less forceful if the opinions of males were taken into account in addition. This irradicates any notion the pro-choice side has that the opinions of men on this matter hold no objective weight, Given the argument's own conclusion provides an undercutting defeater for any supporting argument it can offer.

  • Yes, It sets a dangerous precedent.

    So I fully believe that the choice to actually have an abortion should be made at the individual level, By the potential mother in question. That said, The idea that if a person isn't directly affected, They can't possibly have some input in the conversation is a dangerous precedent to set. That would be roughly equivalent, In my opinion, To the premise that women shouldn't have any opinion on issues surrounding the military, Because men are subject to the Selective Service Act, While women aren't. If your belief is that people can't have an opinion unless they meet specific criteria, Then that boils down to an appeal to authority fallacy, Plain and simple.

  • Men are as intelligent as women.

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  • Men being as intelligent as women has nothing to do with abortion laws

    Men will never know what it is like to have someone tell you that your rapist is not going to jail, But you will be because you want to abort the child he put inside of you. The fact that this is even debatable sickens me. Take a moment to put yourself into a woman's shoes. Pregnancy can be harmful to the mother. So if you argue pro life, Then you should take into account the living, Breathing human being that could die from going through with a live birth. Abortions are done in a way where the doctor makes sure that the fetus is not alive. Men having an opinion on this is just their way of taking more control over women. The reason that there is a heartbeat so soon is because your blood cells replicate beating, Thats why you feel a pulse in your wrist. But just because there is a beat, Does not necesarily mean that there is a full fledged heart in that embryo. Men having an opinion on this is just as stupid as white people having a say in how hard it is to be a person of color in the united states

  • Their Opinion Doesn't Matter

    They can have an opinion, But ultimately it won't matter because only women experience pregnancy and are directly affected by it. Male opinions aren't as valid due to that fact, Just as women's opinions wouldn't be as important when it comes to whether a man should be allowed to get a vasectomy. This is only a debate because women's body's are seen as public property, Unlike men which are seen as autonomous.

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