Is the Nordic Model Socialism, Or merely a more humane progressive variant of Capitalism?

Asked by: billsands
  • There is sufficient socialism in Nordic countries to call them socialist

    Socialism is a term that refers to public control of production. Regulations that restrain or control production, Or direct state ownership of production, Are socialist. Redistribution of income from wealthy to poor is also socialist. So, A country can be more or less socialist, And where you draw a dividing line and say a country has become "socialist" or "not socialist" is arbitrary. Nordic model welfare states have such significant government control of several key economic sectors that most observers would agree it's reasonable to call those societies "socialist". Capitalism is a system in which capitalists invest in production and make profits, And many businesses or industries are privately owned. The Nordic countries are also capitalistic, And capitalism flourishes. The idea that you can't have capitalism and socialism flourishing together is false; most countries have mixed economies in which capitalism and socialism both exist to various degrees; the Nordic states are socialist societies that use capitalism mixed with socialism.

    Posted by: Ives
  • Say yes everyone

    My parents always tell me to say yes and accept anyone else's offer. This means if a person in a party offered me a spiked drink, I will accept the drink because I was taught so. If someone asked if I can get punched in the face, I SAY YES!

  • It is a social democracy rather than a liberal democracy like the United States

    In order for a country to be socialist the means of production have to be collectivized and controlled by the workers either through cooperatives or through the State. As long as the means of production are in private hands it can't be considered socialist. The definition of social democracy has changed a lot since it first appeared, But these days social democracy is considered to be an ideology that fixes capitalism by collectivizing only certain industries like the health care, Transportation, Communication, Etc.

  • Definitely a more progressive variant of capitalism

    The Nordic model may seem like socialist on many fronts like health and welfare benefits, But it's merely a more progressive variant of capitalism. The model is based on free competition in the market, A competition which is essential for the progress of society and one which can't be there in socialism. This model was the intended one by founders of capitalism. And we can all agree that there can be universal healthcare as a part of a capitalist model. It's not written anywhere that capitalism can't include such things. Moreover, Nordic countries are so ahead because of their innovation in several fields, A characteristic that only capitalism can deliver cause socialism is too engrossed in controlling society rather than letting people think.

  • Nordic countries are Social Democratic.

    Socialism, At its core, Is an economic system in which property is owned by the people that use it. In the case of a business, This would be the employees, And not the employer, Who would own the business under capitalism.

    Nordic countries have free markets and private property rights that resemble those of capitalism. They may be more heavily regulated or have more nationalized industries than other nations, But that does not make them socialist.

  • The Nordic Model is capitalistic

    First off: How are you supposed to answer an X or Y question with Yes/No? I'm slightly confused, But I assume No means "No, It's not socialism".
    The Nordic Model has a free market but makes sure nobody just. . . Starves on the street. So, Yes, It is a more humane version of capitalism.
    BUT, One thing that people forget, Is that it still exploits 3rd world countries. The way that capitalism works is that if you get more for your work, Than someone else gets less for the same work. That's why we have 3rd world countries: Us, The wealthiest 1/3 gets more - even more than we need - while the other 2/3s get less and thus starve. And the same happens within Western countries too, But the Nordic Model eliminates that. Now they have less of that inequality within their country, But they - as a whole country - are still exploiting 3rd world countries.

    But, Like I said, It is still more progressive than what people have in the U. S. Lot better. Because at least they don't have as many empty homes and homeless people at the same time lol.

  • Its merely social democracy

    The nordic model is based on market principles, With a huge welfare state, Social democrats ran the nordic regions nations for many years a few still are, Social democracy sought to reform the bad aspects of capitalism not abolish it. Capitalism is the most productive system, The nordic nations try to harness this prosperity into the social commodities. . And in that way they succeed, But no no it is not a form of socialism, Just a left wing form of capitalism. No real world economy is all socialist or all capitalist so in a way its a silly thing to argue, But much confusion exists because the terms capitalist and Socialist are so misused constantly

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