• The NRA Is Unreasonable

    There is a problem when a group as powerful as the NRA stands in the way of nearly anything that would control guns. The right to own firearms does not include the right to own to own military hardware that could kill massive amounts of people. Assault weapons need to be banned.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes, in the sense that all lobbyists are.

    I think all lobbyists are a disease, not just the NRA. Any time large groups are able to use their money and power to unduly influence policy, then I think it is by definition a disease. We shouldn't focus solely on the NRA...they are just playing the same game as the rest of the country.

  • No.

    No more than any other lobbying body is. Any lobbyist organization is obviously going to mindlessly pursue their given goal. The NRA is just in the collective consciousness of the general public right now because of the tragedy that was the Sandy Hook shooting. During the Gulf crisis, it was BP. Tomorrow it may be something else.

  • No, the NRA is not a disease on the body politic.

    The NRA is made out to be the enemy after the Sandy Hook school shooting, but if you look at the evidence that is available, there is serious doubt as to whether or not the shooting was a hoax in the first place. When it is stated that the assault weapon was used with extreme accuracy by an autistic child, that should raise some questions. Additionally, the assault weapon was seen being removed from the vehicle that night, while 4 handguns were found in the school. Finally, a man was arrested in the woods and placed in the front of a police car, only to never be spoken about again.

    After this "tragedy", the Obama administration begins talks on gun control. I know the truth. I've seen the evidence. The NRA is defending our right to bear arms, they are defending our freedoms. They are the victim of this hoax.

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