• Yes, and it's only going to get worse

    The NRA have been exposed as what they are -- a lobby. People in general tend to dislike lobbyists, but for a long time the NRA were able to hide being the concept of being a group who promoted constitutional rights. With each tragedy and each ill-measured, out of touch response, the NRA digs a deeper hole in the court of public opinion. There are other gun rights groups who support the right to own guns in a responsible and proactive way. The NRA are not one of those groups, and they are being exposed as such.

  • It would seem so

    The NRA has taken a few unpopular stances lately. The biggest I can think of is suggesting all schools have armed guards. This is pretty unpopular as people aren't too keen on being watched and scrutinized by armed people. They've also been painted as reactionary to the recent shootings these past few months.

  • The NRA has been publically humiliating themselves

    The spokesperson for the NRA has been putting his foot in their mouth by saying some of the ridiculous things they have been saying in response to the recent school shootings. Their bright idea to have volunteers given guns to protect our schools is ludicrous. America has spoken they want better gun control.

  • Yes

    I think the NRA is still popular with gun nuts and extreme conservatives, but I think they are less popular with the average American citizen. The NRA keeps taking crazy, far right stances on simple issues like gun control, and I think it makes normal citizens question whether the NRA is reasonable or not.

  • Not from what I have seen

    as I understand it, their membership is increasing now more than ever. People have had such a backlash against gun restrictions that they have been buying more guns. In fact I believe it's been two years in a row where guns were the number one Christmas present. as for the NRA many people are joining for the same reason. I don;t agree with some of the NRA's strategies and I don't think people should need to join such an organization to affirm their second Amendment rights, overall their members has been increasing.

  • In reality, no. To the media, yes.

    In the aftermath of a shooting, society would sooner take the guns away from the people who didn't do it. --William Burroughs

    By January 15, 2013, the NRA has grown by 250,000 in one month, which was opposite to the popular media's statements.

    When Wayne LaPierre and several high-ranking members of the NRA actually stated that they were to discuss more reasonable methods to screen out the criminals from the law-abiding in the procurement of drugs, they also listed mental health checks and more thorough background checks through NICS. However the NICS system isn't really being utilized by the government as a resource to find illegal procurements or extravagant procurements of firearms, legal or illegal.

    Who is really out of touch is the gun control nuts, such as Dianne Feinstein and Andrew Cuomo, who don't have an inkling of the current regulations and policies that already affect the law-abiding. Currently, they are unpopular mainly because they failed with on assault weapons ban that didn't curb gun violence or stop violent crime.

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