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  • nope, but I hope they will be sometime soon

    Considering the NRA's deep pockets due to vast fundraising from November 2012 on, bringing in 1.5 million a month on average since the election and more since the shooting, the NRA isn't necessarily too powerful, but they have enough funds to leave the liberals dead in the water which I greatly appreciate

  • Not everyone owns a gun.

    The NRA has a decent amount of influence, but they certainly face political challenges. Not everyone is a gun owner, and so the NRA doesn't have that much influence. As anti gun sentiment increases, their influence will continue to decrease. I do not feel that they are a force to worry about.

  • Not powerful enough.

    Those who try to claim that the NRA is responsible for lives lost due to guns. The NRA is not responsible for the actions of some crazy people who decide to shoot up their workplace or schools. The NRA believes in our constitutional right to bear arms. If citizens are not able to bear arms, the criminals will not stop having them. This means that your family could fall victim to these criminals. I believe the NRA is not powerful enough because if they were more powerful, these kinds of debates would not exist. People would be wiser about the benefits of the right to bear arms.

  • Not a chance.

    I am a gun owner who loves to hunt and shoot at targets. You never see on the news that a shotgun is going to serve life in jail for killing two people. Its the person who committed the crime who will be going to jail. Don't take away our guns. Catch the dumbasses who have mental issues before they create this type of crime.

  • Clearly they aren't

    As a legal gun owner and avid hunter living in Illinois, I believe that the NRA could and should have a bigger presence here. The main objective of the NRA is the safe operation of firearms. The NRA isn't powerful enough because they are still encountering resistance from anti-gun legislators who would seek to take guns out of the hands of legal gun owners.

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