Is The NSA A Product Of George Orwell's Prediction As Seen In His Novel 1984?

Asked by: FrEeMaSoN1692
  • NSA Equals Big Brother

    The NSA is a product of the novel because since Big Brother involves an equivalent of cameras spying on you, the NSA is an epitome of Big Brother. We must abolish the NSA so that we can prevent George Orwell's prediction from coming true. We must all write letters to our representatives to voice our concerns.

  • No idea for Headline.

    No, even surveillance is necessary. I do not agree with the phone surveillance and the Internet spying. But sometimes it is needed. I can see the use of using Phone taps and watching who uses a site.

    I do not agree with the spying of all Americans, and that needs to stop. However, the NSA has their uses.

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