• Violation of privacy

    Although President Obama gets all of the blame, it's been part of the program for the last couple of administrations to violate the civil rights of Americans and then defend these actions as part of some ridiculous counter-terrorism narrative that hasn't shown any progress since the September 11th attacks. PRISM needs to be dismantled immediately for the good of this country.

  • I think it is.

    If it's not illegal then it is at the very least unconstitutional. The unwarranted phone call collection and data mining of the citizens is completely wrong and goes against everything the country stands for. We should be innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. We need to stop it.

  • PRISM Is Illegal

    National Security Agency's PRISM program shouldn't be considered legal by any means. In reality, this program is the equivalent of unconstitutional domestic spying, which is completely unnecessary to say the least. We should penalize the NSA by reducing its funding and putting an end to these very, very dangerous programs.

  • Yes, they don't have a good reason to look.

    Yes, the NSA's PRISM program is illegal, because it goes beyond what the constitution and current laws allow them to do. The Constitution and it's Bill of Rights were written in a way to protect people from excessive government intrusion. One of those is the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. The PRISM program is a restriction on liberty because it is constant monitoring. We are not lab rats to be watched at all times.

  • Yes - The PRISM Program is Too Intrusive

    The PRISM program allows the NSA to have to much insight into Americans and other individuals who do not pose a threat. Search warrants are only supposed to be utilized by law enforcement when there is a specific threat. Generally reading emails and mass harvesting of public data is too intrusive to meet this limited purpose. This is contrary to the principles of limited government upon which the United States began.

  • I know taking sections from the Patriot Act may make you cringe, but it's helpful.

    Section 2.15 of the Patriot Act says, 'you must be searching for tangible things that are relevant to a specific investigation.' Collecting the phone meta data of everyone is not relevant to a specific investigation so this makes there actions illegal. Also, Obama's administration said by collecting the data, it helps them search for relevant data to any investigations in the FUTURE. This is a flagrant misinterpretation of the Act... And it's illegal. They should be held accountable; tried by the court.

  • NSA is part of the United States, because we want to achieve power

    Part of the Reagan era's propaganda, whether planned or not, created an idea that the United States was the best nation in America. Not just one of a handful, but THE BEST. Whether or not this is true, it encourages members of the NSA, even small ranking workers, to achieve US interests over that of other nations.

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