Is the Obama administration opposing the XL pipeline as payback to warren buffet?

Asked by: NelsonKnows
  • Obama administration in Chrony-Capitalist relationship with Warren Buffet.

    In a prime example of Chrony-capitialism, Obama is opposing the XL pipeline as payback to his buddy Warren Buffet.
    Mr. Buffet's railways currently carry a majority of the oil transported by rail from Canada. If the XL pipeline was built, Mr Buffet would lose a lot of money. If Mr. Buffet loses money, Barack Obama loses a massive political finance contributor.
    Just one of the many examples of how Obama is willing to let the people suffer for the "Greater Good".

  • It all comes down to politics....

    Obama didn't veto XL Pipeline bill because of anything to do with Warren Buffet, he did it for political reasons. Because Congress is Republican-controlled, he had to 'take one for the team' and veto it. It would've been very bad for the Democrats if he hadn't vetoed it.

    If anything, this situation is a clear example of the dysfunctional state of the American political system. The veto power was a bad idea from the framers of the Constitution! They clearly didn't think about the system they were creating. It was based on a romantic ideal of America being the new Roman Republic, with the President as Consul (who had veto power. In fact, James Madison refers to the President as a 'Chief Magistrate' in the Federalist Papers - a term used in Roman times). Gosh! This is a prime example of where big ideas can get you into trouble! They should've stayed with the British parliamentary system. They'd have been a lot of better off than what they are now!

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