Is the Obama Administration respondng appropriately to consumer issues and concerns regarding mass surveillance?

  • Yes, but it isn't enough.

    I do think that the president is doing a decent job at responding to consumer issues regarding mass surveillance. The problem is that it is not enough. I like what he says, but I sort of get the idea that he's just paying lip service instead of actually meaning it.

  • They don't care.

    No, the Obama Administration is not responding appropriately to consumer issues and concerns regarding mass surveillance, because there are no signs that they care. Obama believes that he has the right to control our lives for our own good. In his world, our privacy or our personal interests do not count.

  • They are paying lip service

    The Obama administration is certainly pretending to be concerned about mass surveillance and saying it will change things. However, there have not been any serious demonstrations of actual action taken to follow up on this yet. There are promises of change, but no tangible proposals yet, much less discipline taken.

  • Citizen concern is not being addressed by the Obama administration.

    Snowden uncapped a whirlwind when he informed wikileaks that the NSA was collecting information on everyone in the US. The outcry of injustice and constitutionality is still echoing through the public. I'm not sure that any changes have been implemented in policy, or even could be. It is all legal under the patiot act and the NDA, so until it is ruled otherwise by the Supreme court, or repealed by legislators, it may just continue. The past data has proven useful and cannot really be deleted now that its been gathered. The money to make a place to handle the data has already been spent.

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