Is the Obama Administration trying to take everyone's guns away?

  • He just used an executive order.

    He's purposely trying to take away guns solely because he's that delusional that he believes it's working for the better of society when in reality it's not. I mean, he and other liberals don't understand our 2nd amendment clearly. We have right to bear arms to defend ourselves when needed! Stop taking guns from law-bidding citizens!!!

  • it depends on your guns

    oh boy I love this question. The obama administration is not trying to take away everyone's guns. He understands our right to bear arms for protection and even for recreation. The problem is when our right to bear arms lands AK-47's into the hands of civilians. I don't care if you're "preparing for the zombie apocalypse" there is no reason for a civilian to have that type of fire power. These are the guns he is trying to take away.

  • Regulation is key

    The Obama Administration is not trying to take everyone's guns away. They are merely acknowledging that some sort of measure has to be taken towards gun regulations. Stricter limits as to who can own guns and what kind they're allowed to have may be put into effect, but they're by no means out to eliminate all of the guns.

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