• It is worse and only getting more so.

    The continuation of the Obama administration is one of the worst things we could have done for our economy. Our country's debt has increased, unemployment has gone up, taxes have skyrocketed, and our GDP is losing an estimated 14 billion per year as a result of Obama's policies. Our economy may not have been great with Bush, but at this point we are headed straight for another depression.

  • Ya it is terrible

    The Obama economy is something of a tragedy. Even during his first presidential campaign, it was bad. But Bush did not help during his administration and therefore handing over debt to Obama. But Obama has done little to nothing in the ways of fixing it, and it looks like it will always be this way.

  • Yes, it is worse

    I was not a strong Bush supporter and voted for Obama, I am so disappointed in the way economy has gone and how he really hasn't accomplished anything. I can no think of anything that he did that really helped the economy I feel even his stimulus where he put a few extra dollars in each pay check was a complete waste.

  • Obama actually helped it (kinda)

    More jobs have been made, we're slowly getting out of debt. Not only that but we have such high taxes due to Bush's policies. So even if the economy is bad now it all goes back to Bush. Bush was one of the worst presidents in American history though. Bye

  • No, its becoming better along with other things

    Most important reason is, he ended the Great Recession. Automatically he is better. We are still in debt yes, but he is moving us forward. He got back 4.8 million jobs since he took office and stocks are up 184% since the recession hit us in 2008. He took office when the unemployment was 7.8 (give or take a couple .1s) and now it is 5.9. I am tired of people complaining about Obama when they don't have any legitimate reason to. Or the people who follow the bible strictly and can't accept that the fact that gays are receiving more rights.

  • No, I dont think the Obama economy is worse then the bush one.

    No, I dont think that the Obama economy is worse then the bush one because Bush was just plain stupid. At least Obama has some knowledge. Yes there are some not so good things happening right now because of Obama but I still think he is a much better president then Bush was.

  • No I don't believe the economy is worse the Bush.

    Even though I know the Obama economy is not at its greatest right now, I don't believe it is worst than the Bush one. I believe Obama is much better president then Bush ever was, I believe he has more knowledge and compassion for what he does then Bush ever did sadly.

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