• Inarguably Dead and Failed

    With it's sole legacy being a rash of violence, rape, vandalism, assault, mass littering, terrorism, arson, death threats and "up twinkles", all in the name of establishing a totalitarian socialist dictatorship in the hopes that it would excuse the student loans of a pissant minority. It's a damn good thing it failed, at that.

  • The Occupy Movement Is Done

    Yes, the Occupy movement is dead ever since the media stopped covering it and as soon as the people in social networks stopped constantly backing it. Furthermore, it was also simply a trend in which some people simply jumped on the bandwagon just to feel cool or as a way to just roam the streets in protest.

  • Yes

    The occupy movement is dead because the media has let it go. The media was their only ally and they can not get the word out any more because nothing is happening with it. There for the media will not put them on T.V. I think it was a big farce in the first place.

  • Dialectics!!!

    The occupy movement is simply the most recent manifestations of social antagonisms that have existed for hundreds of years and still exist today. While the Occupy protests themselves lacked proper direction and was ineffectual as of right now, it has shown that there is still revolutionary potential in the masses. I suspect that in a few years a "different" movement will arise with a little more direction and planning behind it and it will have more of a lasting impact.

  • No, the Occupy movement is not dead, but has changed.

    The Occupy movement is not dead. Though there are no more tents on Wall Street, the movement has had too widespread an effect on today's young adults to be considered over. Further, the movement has created a social network that can and has harnessed the power of collective organization for good: case in point is the response of many of the Occupy alumni to Hurricane Sandy. Comfort and distribution centers were set up in areas where government and private aid organization were not yet active, by the same folks who gained a sense of empowerment marching on Wall Street and rallied by the same social media networks. In effect and reality, the Occupy movement is still a presence to be reckoned with.

  • No!

    I don't believe that the Occupy movement is dead. I live in NYC, and there are still plenty of people hanging out in Manhattan and protesting for the Occupy movement. The publicity for it has just died down, which makes people believe that it is dead, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

  • I don't think so.

    I live in a relatively small city in Canada and every two weeks a meeting is held. I think its just getting into a position where changes can actually come from, it's values are digging deeper into neighbourhoods. It is in the smaller communities where I think the change that people want will come from.

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