Is the Occupy Movement good (yes) or bad (no)?

Asked by: Jakeross6
  • No It Is Not.

    It seems to me that this 'movement' is not having any real benefit for its members. I understand that you as a whole are trying to change the whole and benefit the majority rather than just yourselves, but when i read about people losing there homes, being arrested and other such things, it comes to a point where you wonder is it time to call it a day, and benefit yourselves for once

  • While it may not be effective...

    Many more people now know about the increasing gap of income between the top richest people and the larger majority of lower and middle class citizens. It's always good when more and more people are opening their eyes to an issue.... Whatever their stance. I can't imagine what the public was saying about the civil rights movement supporters when it was in it's grassroots stage... History hasn't been written yet, the Occupy Movement can still create a constitution of their priorities, regroup, and be refocused.

  • Not a chance

    The Occupy Movement is less of a movement than it is a auditorium for people, people who lack an education and background in their opinion, to come together and complain. It's all "Corporate profits! UNEqual Income! IT'S NOT Fair! WE ARE PISSED!

    And it never develops into anything beyond that.
    Because it can't develop, because it doesn't have leadership, because it lacks an educated support group, it is detrimental to society.

    Posted by: JDuB
  • It had good intentions.

    The Occupy Movement started out with the intentions of protesting against the unfairness of financial institution and attempting to bring awareness to the plight of the 99%. As the movement became bigger and more media attention was gained, the protesters were seen as uninformed hippies, who don't well understand the meaning behind the movement. I feel as though this hurt the protest in the eyes of the public.

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