• Yes, the ocean is more interesting to explore than space.

    Humans have been obsessed with space exploration for many years. Our first journey into space was nearly 60 years ago. While we have explored most of our inner solar system, barely 5% of the oceans have been explored. There is so much life in the oceans that we haven't even discovered, despite knowing for a fact that it is down there. We have so much to learn about that environment, and I believe that learning more about the ocean can help us to preserve our planet and its valuable resources. We should spend as much time, money, and energy on ocean exploration as we do on space exploration.

  • On the fence.

    This is a hard to answer because both places have their own merit. There are things deep in the ocean that we have yet to discover and there is a whole world down there that we don't know nor comprehend. We should definitely keep exploring the ocean because there are some pretty amazing things down there.

  • Space is the final frontier for a reason.

    In order to support the expansion of the human race, space exploration is needed to find other suitable worlds. General knowledge of science has expanded as well as a direct result of our voyages into space. Space will help expand technology and will allow us to become more advanced than ever before. Medicine will benefit from more space exploration..

  • As above, so below

    There are new discoveries to be made in both places. The ocean is amazing and teeming with life but space is vast ,open and seemingly void of life forms other than microorganisms. Exploring space has helped us to understand the phases that our universe goes through. The moon causes the tide in the ocean, they are linked .We should joyfully explore both.

  • Space more interesting than the ocean

    Space is more interesting to explore than the oceans. Today, we are discovering new planets. This can explain our own origins, and perhaps even be a place we can inhabit someday. Although the ocean is interesting, it cannot compare to space. We know quite a bit about oceans already, and will not provide the same clues as space.

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