• Definitely it is!

    Tax payers money could be going to a better cause like hospitals, roads, ambulances, people, businesses finding cures for diseases like cancer, etc. These things I have stated all need more money and instead we are putting money into games where people can cheat and get sick like we have seen this year in the 2016 Rio games it just isn't worth spending 3 trillion dollars on something we don't need!

  • What are we really celebrating?

    The Olympic Games, a time when athletes show off all of their hard work. But is it really them doing all of the work? Athletes now have been using drugs to enhance their performance. Why should we be spending money to hold sporting events when so much cheating is going on.

  • It is a waste of money

    The Olympics cost a lot to set up and overall it will cost the government of the country that holds the olympics more than what they would get back from the competition. Also the country that holds the olympics in the years leading up to the Olympics spend more money building these stadiums and clearing space for everything to be built than they spend on building up the local infastructure.

  • They are not a waste of money

    Olympics are not a waste of money because it only happens every 4 yrs
    in that time the country that hosts the Olympics can save a lot so there
    would be less or even no deficit. Olympics are not a waste money as it brings countries closer in an interactive way.

  • A total waste of money

    We end up loosing money instead of gaining it because the stadiums and facilities cost so much money only to get knocked down a couple weeks later, and there are so much better ways to spend money for example we could be donating money to charity or homeless sick people.

  • Olympics = Commercialised Bogus

    We should all be ashamed. Industrial nations should be focusing on important issues, not patting themselves on the back every two years. People talk about peace, but it means nothing. The second resources ad power are in question, War will return.

    The amount f unnecessary travel, and infrastructure/ building that is initiated, and later left unused is a disgrace. Humanity needs to grow up, the past century has been dark, and civilisation is only getting darker. Things like the Olympics are a lie. Celebration skin deep. Happiness that is acted out.

  • Lose of money

    The countries end up losing money. The Olympic Games are usually a waste of money for the country hosting the games. They usually spend many years and many millions of dollars having to build the facilities and venues for the games. The tourism and publicity does not usually end up helping to pay for the event. So in the short and long run, the countries often end up losing lots of money.

  • Yes its a waste

    The staduim takes up acres and acres of land that was probably a forest at one time and . YOUR a animal one day you hear nose then BOOM you have no house what if that was you ouch now you live on the but for animals now you have to adapt to a new place then later on BOOM that place is gone :( its also a waste because of the money could go to sick kids wild life ext hey think of this thats your money wow

  • Bidding Takes Very Long.

    The bidding process takes too long. Bidding officially takes only two years (unless a city fails to make the shortlist), but most cities spend nearly a decade working on their bids. Obviously the bidding process costs money but it also ties up the land needed for any future Olympic Village or stadia from being developed until the bid outcome is known, as well as diverting government funds away from other sporting events and activities.
    Furthermore, the way the IOC works with each member deciding which city they wish to vote for means that personal relationships and international tension can count for more than the quality of the bid. For example, American foreign policy is thought to be disadvantaging New York in the 2012 bidding process. Given that the Olympics are 'rotated' between continents, if a city fails to be selected it will be 12 years before it has another chance.

  • If the olympics continue, our economy will become unstable, and soon higher paid jobs such as brain surgeons will be working for minimum wage.

    The olympic games are not only a waste of money, but many people dont watch them anyways. If they cant entertain more than 50 percent of the human race, then why bother with them. In addition children's dreams are being crushed when the find out the price of entry. These prices also suggests that the olympics need almost an infinite amount of money, and are almost going bankrupt.

  • No, They Are Worth It

    The Olympics do a lot of good. First, they spur countries and municipalities to invest in better infrastructure. That alone benefits the people of the hosting area. Also, the games bring in a lot of tourists, and that injects a massive amount of money into local economies. Lastly, the games promote international peace, and that is priceless.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No they are worth it

    The olympic games are a time to bring country pride, as well as the money spent on the games are earned back by sponsors and increase in tourism to the host country, and people buying tickets to watch. The olympics are a great thing for our world showing culture, and pride. The olympics are worth the money.

  • The Olympics are not a waste of money

    The Olympics are a good use of money because they boost tourism. They also give international athletes a chance to show off their skills and win medals.
    The Olympics give a chance to people to represent their country and cheer for their athletes.

    Now you can see that the Olympics are not a waste of money but a chance to compete for titles, medals and make your country proud.

  • They are not a waste of money

    The Olympics create international bonds between countries that no other event can bring. The Olympics also give younger and more new athletes a chance to be recognized internationally. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  • It's very good for the economy

    My point is that very good for the economy. Say the Olympics was held in France, then competitor’s, their families and the general public all over the world, would have to fly to France to watch the Olympics. The airline tickets and hotel fees would be out of sight. The country would gain all that money so therefore the Olympics actually helps countries to gain more money. The athletes would also have to learn French so they could understand when to start their race, and to know what the crowd is shouting.

  • No not at all

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  • Is not a waste of money

    Olympic Games bring peace in this worl and by watching Olympic Games kids and adults get enthusiasm and go and play instead of sitting around doing nothing.That makes the world health more better and stronger it also gives the world around us energy. So every one will be very happy

  • They are not a waste of money

    Olympics are not a waste of money because it only happens every 4 yrs
    in that time the country that hosts the Olympics can save a lot so there
    would be less or even no deficit. Olympics are not a waste money as it brings countries closer in an interactive way.

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