Is the one-state solution a good way to solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

Asked by: Nemat
  • As long as it's done correctly.

    As Nermat pointed out, there is an abundance of Anti-jewish propaganda(mostly disguised as anti-zionist propaganda, for political correctness reasons) in Palestinian territories. As an Israeli, I wouldn't mind uniting the two countries together on the premise that Palestine first becomes a secular democracy and abolishes all of its totalitarian aspects. Furthermore, disbanding IDF would be a dumb idea considering a two-state solution doesn't stop the threat Jordan, Iran, Egypt, Syria and so on pose to Israel and this theoretical combined state. Such action would most likely doom this country early on. Conscription would most likely not be necessary unless its neighbors still pose a threat to it. Furthermore, you have to look over the cultural divide and how an Arab majority in this new country could very well mean the return of Jewish persecution with the support of its neighbors.

  • A one state solution solves everything.

    I believe that Israel and Palestine should unite has one country and forget past difference. They should respect each other and live in harmony with each other. Groups that promote violence should be disbanded and their weapons taken. Neither side should have weapons and Israel's army should be disbanded and a United Nation's peacekeeping force should be sent to observe the peace. A new transitional government should be created that includes both Palestinians and israelis. The transitional government should transition to a full democracy with complete equal rights for all citizens regardless of religion, and ethnicity. All refugees should have the right to return back and all Jews who wish to migrate to the new state should be allowed. A new country that is recognized by it's neighbours and respected by it's neighbours. Continued partnership with america should continue and the Golan heights should be given back to Syria. A peacekeeping force should be in place to stop violence between the two groups and a new army that is completing voluntarily. Conscription should be stopped. Anti Jewish Propaganda must stop from the Palestinian side and all Israelis must respect the Palestinians. It will be a long transitioned but will save countless lives.

  • The decsendents of Ismail and Isaacs should burry their hatrage towards each other and start co-existence as they did it for ages.

    America won't be there to support Isreal forever, since kingdoms have always come and go like, the Romans, Greeks, Turks, however, Israel will always be occupied by Arab states. So it should stop making short-term decisions. Besides, no land full of bloodshed, haterage and agression will be blessed by God.

  • Only two options left if status quo is to change.

    One state and one occupied territory isn't working very well. The two-state solution would be basically the same. Mass expulsion or one state seem to be the options going forward. If ROR is granted to 4.7 M people to the (at most) 22% of Israel and OPT, population densities would be about 5:1, I think that leaves 2 state solution as a non-starter.

  • They've done it before...

    I believe the best solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is the one-state solution. There was a time when the Israeli and the Palestinian people were one in the same. Even after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 C.E. The Jews and the Palestinians lived in peace together in the newly named Syria Palestina. During the Islamic conquests in the 7th and 8th centuries onward the Jews and the Arabs lived in relative peace in the Palestine area, leaders such as Saladin promising eternal support for the Jewish people. With the rise of Zionism in the late 19th and early 20th century, there was no conflict, as all of the Jewish immigrants into Palestine legally bought and owned the land they gained. It was only with the creation of the modern state of Israel without the consent of the Palestinian people in 1948 that conflict arose between the two groups.

    If the two groups were united in a single state, such conflicts would be settled. Particularly the state that could be formed would be a federated single state consisting of a Jewish half and an Arab half which would be submitted to a larger governmental structure - similar to the United States. Therefore any conflicts between the two groups of people could be fought and argued in the halls of the legislature of a national government rather than in the streets of Tel Aviv or Gaza.

    My main point is that it is not a forgone conclusion that the Palestinians and the Israelis are unable to live together. This line of rhetoric is only spewed from extremist politicians on both sides you want to perpetuate conflict for their own gain. The Israelis and the Palestinians used to be one people living side by side, and with hope, they can do so once again.

  • I believe Israelis and Palestinians should co-exist.

    The war between Palestine and Israel isn't going to end soon, and I think a better way to save anyone else from dying is to stop this war and co-exist together. There is the Israeli military, but there also are Israelis who live normal lives, just like any other human would.

  • A state wherein all citizens, Jewish and Arab, have equal rights could work, but extremists on both sides would have to make fundamental concessions.

    The Zionist movement’s intention is to create a Jewish state reaching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River (thus annexing what remains of Palestine) while Palestinian hardliners want the right for Arab refugees to return to the homes and farms in Israel that they were evicted from after the creation of the state of Israel.

    It is difficult for me to imagine either side agreeing to make the compromises necessary to create a democratic country free from institutionalised racial and religious discrimination but I hope I am wrong.

  • Not at all

    I think the only thing will bring peace to the area is if the Israeli people went back home to Europe and America and leave the land to it's rightful owners. The Jewish state has been causing terrorism in the area killing children and women and making blockade to the Palastinian people in Ghaza.

  • Are you stupid?

    If they hated each other has 2 separate states, they are going to hate each other more as 1 state... Remember both Bosnian Wars? One nation of person who want each other dead is as bad as two states who want each other bad.

    I do believe Israel should have the land, their border is too dangerous as is. But only after solving the conflict first.

  • It would be If it was possible.

    But it is not. The presence of Jingoist-like states like Israel in the Middle East is very important for the NATO's imperialist ambitions in the area, thus they have enormous lobbies to help the most racist politicians in Israel.

    As one NATO's member citizen, I sincerely believe the only way to make the Palestine people free is to destroy the NATO. So we'd better do it peacefully from inside.

  • It would be a disaster

    The very idea of crafting out a "binational state" to be jointly governed by two peoples that hate each other's guts and have been fighting for a long time is a fantasy. For an example of what happens when you force multiple hostile peoples to live in the same state, think of what happened in Yugoslavia in the 1990s or what Lebanon has gone through since the 1970s.

    To put it bluntly, such a state would likely see wide-scale violence, and Jews would quickly become an oppressed and persecuted minority. Remember that such a state would quickly be dominated by the Arabs, and the Arab world has a horrendous record with regard to treatment of minority populations. This includes Jews, who were often badly mistreated during the centuries of Arab rule. In all likelihood, Israeli Jews will leave en masse, as they will not want to live under Arab rule. Only the very religious ones and those who can't find a new home abroad will stay behind, and will live as an oppressed minority, subjected to persecution and very possibly massacres. It is even possible that all Jews who cannot prove their ancestors were in the country before 1917 (or 1882) will be expelled, since numerous Palestinian charters mention expelling all Jews who came before the "Zionist invasion", though fear of international intervention might stymie it.

    On a side note, the new one-state would become an economic basket case. High-tech, science and technology, and military industries are the drivers of the Israeli economy, and the Israelis who work in these countries would be able to find new countries to settle in due to their work and education in these fields, leaving the new state economically paralyzed and dependent on foreign handouts.

    Many one-statists like to say that if it worked for South Africa, it could work for Israel, but as Israeli journalist Amos Eilon said, the end result is more likely to resemble post-Rhodesia Zimbabwe rather than post-apartheid South Africa.

  • I say no

    It will not work. A quick review of political trends around the world shows that we're living a very different reality. The former Yugoslavia split into seven nations amid a frenzy of bloodshed and ethnic cleansing; French- and Flemish-speaking Belgians are barely on speaking terms; Catalans are joining hands in a human chain 250 miles long to demand a split from Spain; Czechs and Slovaks agreed to go their separate ways. Even the Scots will get to vote soon on whether to leave the United Kingdom.

    And then there is the Middle East, where the fabric of multinational coexistence, enforced for centuries by the Ottomans and more recently by military strongmen, is violently unraveling before our eyes.

    Lebanon is divided among Shiites, Sunnis, Christians and Druze and barely hanging together. Iraq remains tormented by bloody terrorist attacks. Egypt's Coptic minority is a frequent target of attacks, and Syria has disintegrated into all-out civil war.

  • There is too much bad blood between the two side, one state for all will never work!

    The two state solution is the only solutions that could possibly work, but it has a small chance of working. The issue of a shared or split Jerusalem must be solved in some creative way, as
    the entire state of Israel, Gaza and west bank are contested by both sides. The Israeli claim is very legitimate to the Israelis while the Palestinian claim is just as legitimate to the Palestinians. The problem is that both claims go back to a time, that neither can be reliably verified. As of now Israel is recognized is being Israel proper (before land gains from wars initiated by Israel's neighbors), and future Palestine is Gaza and the west bank.
    There is no solution to who's was what, and when. The only solution is what is now, and how to divide it. The one state solution won't work because each side is afraid the other will hijack the other society's character, as apparent in Jerusalem right now. Maybe in a distant future when both sides realize they are biblical brothers ,will the one state solution work, but not right now. There is too much bad blood between the two sides!

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