• It's a welcome mat for idiots.

    All the opinions are stupid, even this one! Also, everybody just fills the rest of the space with non-sense because they are required to spell out, literally, fifty words and that takes a lot of time and effort. That is something I do not have. I have diabeetus. You see how dumb that it is?

  • It most certainly is not

    The reason why this is a GREAT section, is because it invites to debate on your opinions. If you have a small amount of common sense, you should know that it is healthy to debate freely around your opinions. If you think this is a stupid section, i feel bad for you, and your lack of social skills. If you do not debate on a regular basis, you cant even socialize

  • Reclaimers must be expressive.

    Reclaimers that want to voice their opinion(s) must do so. It is necessary and beneficial. The wise will gain their deserved status and, indirectly, advice others. The ignorant will make fools of themselves and, therefore, publicly state to the galaxy and Ecumene. I do not see many drawbacks and those that exist are trumped by those that don't. I am sorry, Reclaimer GarretKadeDupre, your argument is invalid.

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