The laws about copyright infringement are pretty clear and the owner of KICKASSTORRENTS is most definitely guilty of breaking this law. I am sure he has been fully aware of this as well because he has moved across countries to avoid arrest. This is not just breaking local or federal laws, but international copyright laws.

  • Copnyright Infringement Means Loss of Revenue Via Torrents

    Loss of revenue due to copyright infringement aka piracy is a big deal to the movie industry. Money laundering along side piracy is the big issue and why the Kickass Torrent servers have been seized. The movie industry is entitled to make money of films, actors are entitled to royalties for films and the government is entitled to collect taxes as set forth in tax codes. Money laundering and movie piracy are two major no no's still today.

  • Owner not guilty

    In the strictest sense of the word I do not believe that the owner of kick ass torrents is guilty of copyright infringement. By hosting the site and providing access to uploaded links the owner could well be seen as complicit with any copyright infringement taking place but this is all due to the material uploaded and searched for, rather than what is being hosted.

  • No, they are not.

    The owner of KickAss Torrents is not guilty of copyright infringement themselves, because they did not share any of the copyrighted material themselves. Instead they provided a service that allowed people to share copyrighted material, and did not offer any measures to prevent them from sharing copyrighted material, and may have encouraged it.

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