• Yes it is

    Yes, it is not all that old because we have not doing as much pollution as we are now back before then. Now we are putting so much bad stuff into the atmosphere that it is unreal and it is slowly but surely tearing out atmosphere apart for the end.

  • Sounds About Right

    I believe it is correct that the ozone hole history is only about 30 years old, if that. A whole in the ozone was big news back in the 90's, I assume because no one thought to look for concerns with the planet there. It was monitored quite closely by media for many years. It seems weird hearing about it again now, but the last article I read seemed to state that it was getting smaller, which I assume is a good thing.

  • Sounds About Right

    The ozone problem became a very controversial issue in the mid to late 80's. That was back when everyone used aerosol hairspray cans. They were the biggest reason as to why scientist believed their was a hole in the ozone layer That is why you do not see aerosol hairspray cans anymore or not as much as you used to.

  • Yes, the idea of the ozone hole isn't really that old.

    It was only a few decades ago that scientists believe that the ozone layer indeed did have a hole. That is why the theory is only about 30 years old, with a lot of the research happening in the late 70s. Whether it is factual or not is another thing.

  • No the history of the "Ozone Hole" goes back more that 30 years.

    The first notice of the dramatic loss of ozone in the stratosphere over Antarctica was first noted by British scientists in the 1970s. The first measurements were taken in 1985. The levels were so low that is was assumed the test instruments were faulty. It wasn't until the original measurements were confirmed by replacement instrument that ozone hole was accepted as being genuine.

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