• It is accurate

    It is a fairly accurate documentary, even if some of the events and stories were either exaggerated or out of order, but ultimately it stayed fairly faithful. The events surrounding such a controversial and overall dislike figure on the world stage would ultimately be hard to get completely right regardless.

  • No, documentaries are skewed

    I do not believe that documentaries are really ever an accurate representation of a person's life. There are so many events that define who people are, that not all of them can be considered in determining why someone turned out the way they did. For this reason, I would not trust the Pablo Escobar documentary either.

  • No, the Pablo Escobar documentary is not an accurate representation of his life

    While any documentary strives toward reality, verisimilitude, and attempts to portray its subject as realistically as possible, there is always an air of artifice to it. In constructing anything, even documentary, the artist will instinctually apply to the subject some narrative structure. It is unavoidable. This documentary is no exception.

  • It glamorized his life.

    The film that depicts the time and life of Pablo Escobar can hardly be called a documentary, and therefore not exactly an accurate representation. It glamorized the life of someone who brought suffering and addiction to millions. A man who personally murdered hundreds of people. He deserved much worse than that film.

  • The documentary was a farce.

    This documentary was a joke in my opinion. Not only was it innacurate and uninformative, but it romanticized the man to the point of absurdity. It didn't show the day-to-day operations or how he operated on a fundamental level. I can't believe it was even released it was so bad.

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