Is the Paranormal Activity movie series good?

Asked by: Humanbeing
  • Yes It Is

    The movie series was extremely interesting and gave most viewers quite a fright which is the point of the movie.What makes it even scarier is that most of the movies are true.Also this is the kind of stuff that pay bills and make alot of money.If you don't like it that's your own opinion but I enjoyed every movie ( except the last one)

  • It is okay

    It is so bad that is it funny. We all know it is fake and could recreate this stuff with fishing line and an iPhone camera. It is so bad it has to be good. I mean who else laughed out loud in the 2nd one where the baby was floating around out of the crib? I know me and my friends did. Haha children suffering. Just kidding I'm not that horrible, actually I am. If anyone wants to argue with me please do so.

  • "Good" is a subjective term.

    Whether the Paranormal Activity movie series is good or not quite literally depends on who is asked. It is likely that those who have some belief in demons think the series good than those who don't. But to declare the series "good" on a universal level is a virtual impossibility.

  • Overall yes it was.

    The accuracy to paranormal activity was very good, as well as the elements to the movie. It provided quite a bit of jump scares and provided a very great point of view (If you don't know it is a camera). One of the main elements that I like is when the camera fast forwards randomly to a time that something is going to happen. Very great movie (in my opinion).

  • It's okay, could have been worse

    There are a lot of viewers who expect to know everything from just watching something once. If you pay attention you'll see that the answers are right in front of you instead of expecting an answer. Another point is that it takes money to keep the series alive so with PA4 the directors more than likely kept the juicy part for the end so they would have enough money for a new movie

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Humanbeing says2013-10-26T02:46:21.977
Dammit, my comment was supposed to be on the yes side. My fault