Is the parental advisory label a form of censorship?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • I think it is

    Before this whole thing began, there were already adult-oriented shops for stuff that had profanity and sexually explicit language, and warnings on stickers. I think Tipper Gore is just censorship ugly, and the RIAA just did this to appease them. She really wanted to censor music. What a dumb broad.

  • No, because you are a child.

    If you feel that your parent has no right to edit what you see or do then run out the front door naked and fend for yourself like an adult if that is how you feel. Maybe all kids should just run out the door and go to war? Society is sick and your parents should edit or censor what your mind consumes, if they are any kind of good parent.

  • It's only a label, not a censor

    The Parental Advisory label itself is not a form of censorship in my opinion. It is simply a warning to indicate that whatever it is may not be entirely kid-friendly and may need a parent to aid the kid in understanding the context of what it is.
    The real censorship falls on the parents themselves and what they do about the label.

  • No, It's Just Advisory

    Censorship would be if the FCC restricted and enforced regulations that prohibited musical messages. I could write the most vulgar, offensive song ever heard, and the government technically can't prevent it. The most they can do is to force me to publicly acknowledge that this song is adult-content, which is done by slapping a parental advisory label on it. That isn't censorship, that's consumer safety, aimed at keeping children's minds safe.

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