• Yes it is bad for most people

    The passing of Obamacare is very bad for society. Yes there are some people who it is going to help, but what about the majority of people? Higher taxes to pay for Obama care, less health benefits from the major insurances and higher insurance premius. How is that really a win for this nation?

  • Bad socialist program

    Yes, the passing of Obamacare is bad. I hear people complain all the time that their insurance costs have gone up, significantly, because of it. That's just one immediate effect we experience now. There are more. It's bad for people, it's bad for doctors. Socialized government-run healthcare will put all sorts of limits on treatments, who can get them, when, etc.

  • Yes, Obamacare will hurt care.

    Yes, the passing of Obamacare is bad, because it is unconstitutional to make people buy a commercial product. The government can regulate commerce, but that is a far cry from compelling it. There is nothing in the constitution that compels people to purchase a product because the government says so. This is a large, unconstitutional power grab.

  • Obamacare is Brilliant, People!

    Obamacare is a brilliant act. It is designed to bring affordable healthcare to struggling working-class and middle class families. My family and I were lucky enough to have healthcare when I was a child, and I can now count on healthcare thanks to this law (I already had a plan before it was passed). The ACA also reduces the possibility of freeloaders and closes loopholes in previous laws regarding healthcare.

  • Obamacare has been a godsend for me.

    Obamacare has gone from being an abstract law that Republicans could scare people about, to something that's actually a fact of life for Americans that they are glad is here. For me, Obamacare has meant that a monthly insurance payment that once cost me $500 is now $65 and the prescription drugs that cost me $120 a month are now $10 total for 90 days. Does that sound like a horrible, awful thing to you? Because it sure doesn't to me.

  • Obamacare is good.

    I think that from the perspective of a neutral observer, the passing of Obamacare is a good thing. Many folks will hate on it simply because of where they stand along the party line. If you look at it without any political bias, it can be seen as a good thing.

  • It's The Right Direction

    There is no doubt that Obamacare is terribly flawed and definitely not the best example of universal health care in the world today. I do not think the passing of the health care law was inherently bad, however. The act is providing health insurance to all most all people, now, which is an improvement from the past. I say almost all, because I myself still don't have health care and now I get to pay a penalty...


    Every drivers are required to have some sort of car insurance (except for a few states, but they have to pay penalties), because no one can choose to not have a car accident, so if they do get into one and they can't pay up front, you want them to have some sort of coverage... That's what Obamacare is all about! Except in the case of healthcare, healthcare providers are mandated by the Federal government to provide ER treatment for EVERYONE, even those who will never pay for the bill, under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, which was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. So who covers the slacks? The insured who are playing by the rules. What if someone wants to stick with their crappy healthcare plan that won't cover anything? Well, can I purchase auto-insurance liability that will only cover your bummer damage if I hit you? Nope, I have to purchase a minimum level of coverage in case if I run into a car accident to pay for YOUR car.

    So why do some people end up with higher premium or have to switch their healthcare coverage plan? Because healthcare insurance coverage is a PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, it is up to each individual to make sure they have some ways to cover the cost of their medical treatment should it arises and we need to stop FREE-LOADERS from abusing our healthcare system!

    That being said, I strongly oppose Obamacare, why? Because you can choose not to drive so you can avoid getting auto insurance; but you don't get to choose when not to get sick/injure. Just like in military defense, law enforcement, social security, unemployment benefit, firefighter service, medicare, medicaid and public education, they are single-payer system where we all have to pay into the system collectively because those services are essential and necessary in our society to facilitate economic growth and social stability. So unless you believe we should privatize all of those services I mentioned, I ask you to accept one more single-payer system, universal healthcare.

    But for this debate, I'm voting "no" to the motion of "Is the passing of Obamacare bad?"; because that is the only change we get to make to our healthcare system given our political reality. Given the alternative, which is status-quo... Yes, I will accept Obamacare!

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