Is the passing of ObamaCare bad for the American public?

  • Work hours cut

    It will force employers to cut back employee hours to part-time status. Corporations will also freeze raises and lower hourly wages of new employees or in these days and times i should say temporary workers, that is what corporations are already implementing anyway. I went from having great insurance for 15yrs in the aerospace industry, to having to pay a high deduction, which equaled out to a two dollar pay cut. We also had a raise freeze. Corporations are not going to pay for it, the working class will once again take the brunt.

  • Rfid chip mandatory!

    You people are nuts and obviously haven't looked at the actual enormous bill that is now law. Uhhh don't know how smart you have to be to support a bill that makes it LAW for everybody to have insurance and well if ya don't your fined an then guess who ya deal with? Thats right our friends at the IRS. But thats peanuts compared to the RFID chip that is mandatory, ahhh who am I kidding getting a mysterious electronic chip in your ass can only add value to your body right? I mean the damn things gotta be worth something maybe your kids can sell if for ya when ya die young from the poor quality government healthcare they're implementing on our behalf. Obamacares nothing for his fellow man he's only looking for ways to oppress the people of our once great nation, Obamacares about control, not us and certainly not our rights...

  • Public insurance is not sustainable.

    From my view on Japanese public healthcare system, setting the insurance option to public and mandatory is not good. When 'insurance' goes mandatory customers sees it as totally consistent and risk-free, and they pay very little attention to the cost of medical services they receive. Customers seldom know the real price they rewarded, a huge moral hazard.

    Doctors too, their services are 'protected' from competition over cost and offering price, so doctors are very indifferent to whether their medical services and uses of prescription drug really work or not, and they tend to prepare for maximum risks and issue a prescription of very large amount of drugs too easily.

    Another major problem is the severe age asymmetry in the population of its subscribers: too many elders and too few workers. As the elderly customers usually have very little interest to their costs of services, the huge amount of their bill goes to younger, working people, with fewer medical rewards. Healthcare must not go public and mandatory, and once it does, it works not as a voluntary 'insurance' service. It becomes simply an excessive income tax. In Japan there is also a huge pension imbalance adding to this. Nowadays young Japanese privileged professionals are tending to expatriate themselves to countries with lighter taxation such as Singapore or Hong Kong, just same as those in Southern European bankrupt states are.

  • People think money and care come for free?

    Not one person can argue that I am not a true blue American. 8 years enlisted, 2 combat tours, and since then I have been employed as a firefighter/medic for my community. Why do most Americans feel that they are entitled to everything? Entitled to a $300,000 home when you make minimum wage, a Cadillac when you eat off of food stamps. Free healthcare for everyone? Healthcare is a business, a hospital is a business, it provides medical service in exchange for money. I understand that people need help, but since when is everything free? Sure medical help for free sounds great, but do doctors, nurses, medics, do none of those people deserve compensation? What people don't get is that insurance companies do NOT pay 100% of the medical bill. Last year, we were only paid for 40% of the insurance claimed services! What if you were only paid for 40% of your services? Hell, lets make everything free, we're Americans, we are owed it because we were born American. You pay your mechanic for fixing your car, pay your doctor for fixing your heart. Spoiled rotten children who don't want to work for anything....

  • People Just Don't Get It

    I hear folks saying that Obamacare is good because healthcare services are a basic human right. This Legislation just forces poor people to have to buy healthcare that they cant afford or they pay a $695 fine with money they dont have. What does it do to get a poor person a heart transplant. And there will still be 26 million uninsured people. Its unconstitutional to tell Americans they have to buy health insurance. It has already been available to everyone that works hard and gets a job. My family was far from rich, both parents worked and we had plenty of health insurance. And the person who said his parents worked for the state so they didnt have affordable health care, what state? Because in my state, state, county, and township employees have the cheapest best healthcare you can get.

  • Because it is working already

    For the first time in 22 years my premium did not go up and my coverage has improved.
    Lets face it, the only reason the Republicans don't like it is because a Democrat did it. The Republicans have been kicking and screaming since Obama was elected the FIRST time. They just can not stand having a Democrat in the White House.
    The latest plan to shut down the government to defund Obamacare is proof that the Republicans would rather see our country crash and burn than give this President any victory.

  • Obamacare by law, will allow many unqualified people to practice medicine without true medical certification.

    Obamacare will by law, allow these unqualified medical people to practice medicine and will cause many more medical mistakes and in-turn people will be permanently injured or die. Because the qualified people will not treat these people when forced by big government laws. Obamacare in time will backfire. All politicians who support Obamacare should be treated by these unqualified uncertified so called medical people.

  • no freedom

    Three key points:
    1. Obama took 6 billion dollars away from medicare to pay for obamacare, therefore you are taking away from the elderly and disabled. Medicare already pays 50% less than private insurance, doctors are starting to not take patients on medicare.
    2. You are taking away from the right to freedom, we should be able to choose whether or not we want health insurance.
    3. There are a lot of people who do not have jobs to be able to pay for insurance, so why not start there first with jobs , instead of making people pay a fine they cannot afford because there job they had been working at for 60+ years laid them off trust me i wish everyone could have healthcare too but its not realistic , you at messing with a hesitate system that's had been successful for centuries. Bottom line work on getting American jobs before charging a fine because they simply can't afford it. If someone doesn't want healthcare they should not be forced to do so. I thought we lived in a free country.

  • So I get penalized...

    If I can't afford to pay for health insurance, but don't qualify for Mainecare, I'm going to be fined!? Wow...Obama is really looking out for the little people, isn't he? Nice way to reward hard-working people who are caught in the middle of this mess.

  • Obamacare: Consider the Source

    If you have been keeping up with current events, what in Obama's second term have you observed that inspires confidence? The IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, race-baiting during the Zimmerman murder trial, Benghazi (CIA covert gun-running from Libya to fundamentalist Islamic mercenaries in Syria via Turkey), the Fast-and-Furious gun-running scandal, full-out domestic assault on the Second Amendment while funding and arming dangerous and unpredictable Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra Front fundamentalist Islamic mercenaries in Syria who are hostile to Americans, state-sponsored terrorism in Libya to politically destabilize yet another sovereign Middle Eastern nation (see Iraq and Afghanistan), a continuation of Bush's drone strike agenda in the Middle East (killing, by conservative estimates, 50 civilians for every one terrorist "terminated").... And this list is by no means complete.

    By all means, let us ignore the Obama Administration's track record of lies and deception and proceed full-speed ahead with Obamacare. Anyone supporting this point of view is either naïve, uninformed, or simply not the sharpest tool in the shed. They focus on a single issue, the ACA, and are failing to consider our lawless, renegade President's full body of work. Obama is NOT who he represents himself to be, yet the sheeple have nonetheless bought into his empty, "feel good," "yes we can" message hook, line, and sinker. The man is a fraud and a charlatan and as the "RFID chip" poster pointed out, "he's only looking to oppress the people of our once great nation." The IRS and NSA scandals and the blatant race-baiting are cases in point. Obamacare does not exist in a vacuum. Consider the President's dubious track record of control and oppression, both foreign and domestic, before jumping on board with the ACA. Wake up!

  • Healthcare is a basic human right.

    No matter what your wallet may say, healthcare should be a BASIC human right for everyone. No life should be deemed less important or valuable just because they can't afford health care. My parents have ALWAYS been employed and work long hours every day and still can't afford to provide us with health care because they are state employees. With Obamacare not only do I have available health insurance for the first time in years, but I can actually afford to fill prescriptions without having my parents worry. Americans need to get over this idea that we shouldn't pay for our services. We pay some of the lowest taxes for a first world nation and yet we are falling behind in science, engineering, school, health, and reputation. This isn't fascism and it's barely socialism. It's providing basic human rights and if you can't accept the fact that money should not determine one's ability to health care and survival, you have a lot to reevaluate. People come first, over money and material items any day. Stop hiding behind your bank accounts and do something good for one another and most of all, get over yourselves and stop whining. There's a reason the foreign community looks down on Americans.

  • Fellow Americans: You disappoint me.

    The Affordable Care Act is important to us all and supports the well being of future generations (your children), especially those of us without coverage. It's amazing to me that whenever our society decides to make a major change or decision, to help us progress, people freak out. What is true about the ACA is that the change will be difficult, it will be time consuming, and it will cost individuals (among others). Nobody said these changes would be easy and most likely many didn't realize how drastic these changes could become. I am among those who feel that it's wrong to force a bill, or mandate, or tax upon individuals (who often already can't afford things like health care); but at this time, I also feel that if we don't step up together and try to make this happen- we will be wasting all the time, energy, and billions of dollars already spent- increasing debt, recession, and eventually a social breakdown. There is no looking back anymore, times are changing and though it will be challenging, we are committed. The thing that bothers me the most about all this, is the utter lack of humanity people have for one another regarding the ACA: most people are against it simply because they don't wanna pay for someone else! It's absolutely pathetic how little we care for our fellow man. I know it's frustrating to learn the money we spend goes to other people instead of ourselves and to procedures we may not agree with, but if everyone gets involved and the ACA works, the cost will even out over time. Now regarding the people arguing over things like covering birth control or abortion cost, things that might bother someone religiously: like you, I will not have a choice in what happens to the money I pay and where it goes. I may not like that my money is going to help the guy that just robbed my bank, and got shot because of it, but it doesn't mean that he shouldn't get the health care. Human beings, although on morally different levels, deserve to have health care that works for them- not for other people's religious beliefs; it's my body. So to those of you who have not gotten my point yet, have some humanity. One day, unforeseen circumstances may leave you in a position to have to take on Medicaid: if you lost your job and can't pay your bills, or need to provide for your child- how would you survive without it? I know some will argue that we already do but I disagree on the respect that simply going without health care, is not surviving. To those of you without an open mind on these matters, all I ask is to that you try to help make thie ACA work, because whether we agree on all subtopics or not- we are indeed committed and cannot turn back. Together we can make this big circle-of-life healthcare reform work and help us smooth out the kinks for better future practices- so that, no matter what, we (you) will always be covered.

  • Stupidity Just Might Be Contageous

    Ok First of lets just address the facts please. I am not venting just trying to educate some of the less diligent whom of which have a propensity to spew out wrong interpretations of an otherwise clear solution to a huge problem in America. Why? 2 reasons, 1. They have NOT read the plan. and 2. They have an agenda that does not apply to reasonable hardworking Americans. How to spot these less educated wind bags: When they use words like, no freedom, unconstitutional, Nazi, Stealing from Medicare, stealing from the elderly and disabled, or it costs too much. These are clear signs that they have not read the plan or at the very most skimmed through a few pre highlighted lines of it or had someone else explain it to them. FACTS: If you don't have a job, you don't pay. If you have Medicare, you can keep it, add more to it or drop it, whichever makes sense for you. If you already have insurance, you pay nothing and can choose to keep your existing insurance or switch, the choice is yours. If you’re a small business, nothing changes. If you’re a large corporation you pay into it no higher than the rates that were in effect during the Clinton administration. What is the biggest change? Americans have more control over how they pursue their own health care and less of it is in the hands of the insurance companies. Bottom Line MONEY, Insurance companies keep less of it, and more goes to actual health care. Which is why we have an argument in the 1st place. Insurance companies only make money when they don't pay claims; they need profit, so why would you let them write the policy or support their misinterpretations? Educate yourself people!

  • A U.S. Citizens right.

    Every U.S. citizen should be entitled to (6) basics: 1)Clean Air, 2)Clean Water, 3)Safe food,4)Protected borders,5)A K-12 education & 6) Healthcare. And if the wealthiest, most progressive nation in the world cannot provide this to all its citizens we have failed as a civilized country.

  • It's a no brainer.

    Other 1st world countries, including Ted Cruz's Canada, are extremely baffled by this debate. Why would anyone oppose providing affordable healthcare to all Americans? I would assume that only the greedy 1%, who are intent on lining their own pockets, would truly support defunding something like an affordable healthcare act.

  • First of all.. stop calling it ObamaCare..

    it is UNIVERSAL health care for everyone.. the kind our senators get, the type that everyone moaned about politicians having and are now angry over getting it. The debt argument is worthless because the whole world is in debt, there is no first world nation not operating in debt because debt is the new currency amongst nations.. debt in nations is valuable and is traded amongst countries.. the world runs in a perpetual debt cycle.

    Businesses get tax credits for supporting this health care and it is only good for the people e.t.c. e.t.c. what's already been said blah blah.. but I'm assuming those "conservative values" folk would rather have privatized medicare and medicaid as proposed by the Republicans.. you want a business denying you your care, just like the insurance industries.. isn't that a laugh n a half.

  • Forgive Me, But...

    ...I have a tumor on my spinal cord that's going to kill me, AFTER it totally paralyzes me and after the tremors on the right side of my body leave me immobile. The people against universal healthcare already have insurance and are healthy. ObamaCare will not start quickly enough to save me, and I'm a single mom. The surgery costs $108,000. I've already been through two house fires, and I've been denied a medical card. My son will soon be without any parent. There's no excuse for this. None. NONE. So don't you dare tell me that ObamaCare is a bad thing, when it could save, or could have saved, my life.

  • Because it is working!

    For the first time in 22 years my premium did not go up and I have better coverage.

    The only real reason that republicans don't like it is because it came from a Democrat.

    The latest plan to shut down the government to defund Obama Care proves that they would rather let our country crash and burn than see this President succeed. The republicaans have been kicking and screaming since Obama was elected the first time. They just can not stand having a Democrat in the White House.

  • Its about time

    Its about freaking time someone did something about the healthcare crisis. If we had to depend on the republicans it would never get done, seriously! Why, because they and their family already got health insurance or probably well off. Republicans please dont give the argument healthcare quality will diminish because thats bull. This only true for individuals on medicaid not private insurance. Dont give the argument premiums will go up. My premiums have dropped drastically.

  • Better, not perfect

    Everyone who expresses dislike toward the Affordable Health Care Act - Come up with a better idea - try to please everyone - then complain about it - Seems that everyone who dislikes this Act wants to gripe about it instead of supporting a better idea, or come up with a better one!! I feel like the 'NEW' American way is to just gripe about something instead of making life better for everyone (on the cost of care or medicine - what good is it if the person who needs it, cannot afford it?)

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GWL-CPA says2013-03-25T17:34:11.273
I love the comments by the misinformed. “One of the main pillars of Communism is central banking…” Really?

But, I guess they don’t teach economics or banking systems in high school, only in college, if you are required to take Economics 101.

Two non-communistic countries, Europe and the USA, have central banking systems. In Europe it is the ECB - European Central Bank and in the USA it is the Federal Reserve.

Americans already have to pay for the medical care of those who do not have medical insurance; and we pay a lot more because the people have to go to the Emergency Room, usually long after cheaper preventative care would have resulted in no need for expensive emergency room care.

This is a documented fact. The Republicans, Tea Partiers, and Libertarians in Congress know this, but they won’t tell you that; they want to protect the egregiously wealthy medical insurance companies that have increased health care premiums every year since they began.

Since 2000, Health Insurance Premiums have gone up 131% on the Average Family; inflation was only 28%.

FRI APR 10, 2009 AT 07:44 AM PDT
“We already pay for universal health care”

Uninsured people go to the emergency room for care.
“… everyone pays for healthcare for uninsured people. A lack of insurance does not mean a lack of illness, and sometimes that illness must be addressed for the good of the community. Uninsured people who are injured go to emergency rooms, which are required by law to treat them regardless of financial means to pay for the treatment. More subtly, uninsured people take more sick days, reducing overall production and increasing costs of all goods for everyone.”

“Subsidies for Last-Resort Medical Centers”
Emergency rooms are legally required to at minimum examine and triage the sick and injured who show up at their waiting rooms, regardless of ability to pay. In the beginning, this law was intended to take advantage of emergency room down time; in practice, it has resulted in emergency rooms being forced to raise their prices for everyone so that they do not run a net loss.”

“Higher Medical Care Prices”
Uninsured people are more likely to declare bankruptcy due to medical bills than people who have health insurance. The costs incurred in medical bills that are bankrupted do not vanish; instead, they are added to everyone else's medical bill as a sort of "cost of doing business" expense. In other words, if George down the street declares bankruptcy because he can't pay for the surgery on his leg, you pay for part of that surgery.

That is why America should have Universal Heal Care; the Affordable Health Care Act does not go far enough. We also need price controls over doctors, hospitals, drug companies, etc.
Anonymous says2013-08-07T01:35:52.153
Hmm, so many wanted The Affordable Health Care Act, who do you think will pay for it? Bingo!
Anonymous says2013-08-22T01:33:44.717
So true...
PlasterSky says2014-07-04T05:39:20.747
The problem is that we are spending all of our money currently on pointless things, such as a war in Iraq and a war in drugs that the government has no money left for important things. We need to make many changes in order to get the gear rolling again, so to speak.