Is the passion in the modern Microsoft Vista critique justified by the evidence?

  • Yes, it was unworkable.

    Since Microsoft is such a big company and considered to be so adept at what it does, it makes people feel angry when a product of theirs does not work well for them. It is understandable that those who invested in a machine with Vista would be angry about its inadequacies.

  • Vista had many problems.

    Window's Vista had great intentions. The idea was to create an OS that catered more to the multimedia machine, and less on complex computations of modern software. The main purpose of most home computers at the time of release was, and in fact still is entertainment. What Microsoft did not consider was that these computers were still being used for resource heavy activities, and the OS should support those as well. Vista was bloated with shortcuts, and gadgets that autoloaded on startup. This was specifically designed in order to provide the simplest and quickest access to the top 5-10 media activities. So, the design did what it was supposed to, the developers just did not consider people who still used computers as workhorse machines.

  • Microsoft Vista was proven to be a bomb

    Yes, I believe that Microsoft Vista deserved all he critiques that it was given. Based on my personal experience with Microsoft Vista, it was one of the worst programs that the company ever produced. It was not only slow and took a large amount of space it also had a large amount of bugs that hindered the use of the program.

  • Not that bad

    I have used Vista and I never really thought that it was all that bad. I think that there was a learning curve with some of the things that looked and acted differently, but for the most part it was fine. Now, I am not a hard core computer person, so there might be more differences that I cannot see.

  • It wasn't awful

    Vista wasn't awful, it was what happens when one company has a near monopoly on an industry and has the desire to update themselves without any real external pressure. Vista was the product of complacency - half baked and bug ridden but, at the same time, really not that bad.

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