Is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Good for America?

  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is needed

    I believe the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a good thing for America. It is an initiative to provide medical care for every citizen in America, regardless of income level. We need this type of system to help turn around our failing medical system and provide quaily health care to all.

  • It's A Step In The Right Direction

    I believe one of the major faults in the United States was that all citizens were not afforded health care. For most, the Affordable Care Act has secured them insurance, something that wasn't even an option for many Americans. So, overall I find it to be a good policy. My only issue is the fact that they completely avoided the fact that the prices are over inflated and I believe that needed to be regulated first.

  • Step in the right direction

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is ultimately good for America, and although it isn't the best it could be and still a little behind its European alternatives, it is a tremendously big step in the right direction. Private insurers are predators and everyone in this country deserves the right to health care.

  • It allows everyone to receive quality health care

    Yes, I believe that Obamacare is good for America. Other countries have been providing health care for their citizens for decades. When everyone has the option of seeing the doctor, then health issues decrease due to the proper preventive medicine. In the long run it benefits the country more than it hurts. Also everyone deserves to be able to see a doctor regardless of their social standing, poor or rich.

  • No it is going to hurt America

    Obama care is not good for America. It does give insurance to some people who would otherwise be without it but the costs to do this are too great. You are trying to help 5% of people by harming 80% of people. Everyone with employee provided insurance or who had private insurance on their own are going to see large increases in prices and way less services available to them.

  • Limits all choices

    Obamacare limits all choices; it limits choices of insurance (ostensibly to subsidize procedures that benefit all), limits the ways in which people can obtain insurance, and limits the ability of citizens to choose not to buy something. The thought that the government now has taken upon itself to force citizens to by a product is scary.

  • Affordable Care Act is the height of Irony

    It is within this United States that we are free. Even though the Healthcare system was jaded and unkempt, the Affordable Care Act overreacts. Why should an American Citizen be forced to buy insurance? It should not be mandated that way. Also, when people buy into insurance, sure they are going to lower prices, eventually, but they just gave up one of their Civil liberties for money.

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