• It is effective.

    The patriot act is one of the only tools the government has to prevent terrorism. Even if it saves 1 life, that 1 life is 100% better than none. How would you feel if you were one of ten people who would have been saved if the patriot act was still in action. Or if it was you siblings? Your Parents. If 1% of people were saved in 9/11, than 30 people could still be here with there families.

  • No, the Patriot Act has only caused Americans to be skeptical.

    The Patriot Act, instead of its stated intention of preventing terrorism, has instead caused Americans to doubt their government. Their doubt includes both the government's ability to handle terrorism as well as the government's respect for the privacy and rights of its citizens. When the country is threatened by both war and terrorism, it is especially important to have the support of its citizenry.

  • The Patriot Act is Not Effective

    The Patriot Act is not only ineffective, but has allowed massive intrusion into our private lives, which ultimately violates civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution. There is little or no evidence that the Patriot Act has done anything to protect the US from terrorists (it's original intent). It has, however, resulted in massive abuses, such as the NSA's gathering of private data from American citizens. It has also resulted in people being imprisoned, and held more or less indefinitely, without the necessity of charges being filed against them, blatantly violating the Constitution.

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