Is the PC Master Race good (yes) or bad (no)?

Asked by: picsbad
  • Dirty Console Pesants

    When consoles reach the same tier as high-end PCs, maybe the master race would go away. But at the rate tech is changing, I dint think it would happen. Some of the best PCs can cost up to $6,000, and half of the tech in them has to be replaced every few years to keep up with the exponential growth rate in technological capability. If you sell consoles at $500, and keep the tech the same in them for a decade, there's no way they can even compete.

  • Foolish filthy peasants

    What else can be said? Much more actually. Consoles are inherently inferior and their owners lack the ability to acknowledge satire. Moreover, console peasants would have lost GamerGate: The Meme War to End All Meme Wars were it not for the Glorious PC Master Race. It was our leadership, skills,

  • Pc master race believers only complain to consoles and only know how to use excuses why console sucks

    Just saying, not all pc gamers are bad but most of them are especially the ones that us the pc master race non sense . Pc master race race is just a excuse why consoles suck and don’t deserve to exist, just because someone plays on a console dosen’t mean pc gamers can judge other gamers like that, also i hate when a pc gamer goes to a lot of console forums and community and keeps bragging about the suprioty of a pc. Even if pc is superior to consoles dosen’t mean consoles are not a gaming platform. The pc master race is only a nazi imagery that othe uses racism as a excuse. A true gamer dosen’t complain to other gamer’s platform choice it dosen’t matter if you are a pc gamer, laptop gamer, console gamer, handheld gamer, mobile gamer, at the end of the day we are gamers.

  • The term is elitist.

    While I support people playing on PC, and am an exclusive PC player myself, even with a powerful rig, I think that the term "PC Master Race" is elitist. Especially when it usually gets combined with the "Dirty Console Peasant". The medium you play on should never be a reason to call yourself superior over anyone who does not play on said medium. We're all gamers, after all.

  • No,I like to point out the obvious.

    The term "PC master race" refers to a group of gamers who think their use of technology,in this case a PC, are superior than the consoles that video games are also played on.In an argument against this case,they are not good for the majority but SOME are good.
    Take my friend Devin for example,even though we have a few disagrees and such.We are good friends because we take the joke funny and don't argue like a pack of dogs.That is one of the few who actually like both console and PC gaming.
    In the majority of the community are the douchest of the douchest, who think they are better than everyone because their system is "120 frames better than yours and we have mods and you all dont." blah blah blah.Lets take a moment and rethink what they said,they are conveying that one system is better than another like the way Apple users are supposed to be better than Windows users.
    Come on guys,can't we get all along.Why cant we be friends?Why cant we be friends?

  • I hate it when gamers put others down for their choice in console.

    If someone buys a console and they like it, why try to make them feel bad about their purchase. This stuff happens between all consoles but is most prevalent with the PC users calling themselves the "master race ". I don't understand why people go out of their way to put others down

  • They are bullies

    The PC Master Race is bad because they resort to mockery and name-calling to convince others that their platform is superior. It's fine to believe that the PC is the best platform, but calling someone who doesn't agree with you a "peasant" and making fun of them is not OK. And they appropriate Nazi imagery which trivializes and excuses real racism. Their excuse that it is just a joke does not absolve them of responsibility.

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