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  • Better Than Invasion

    The Peace Corps is a much worthier project than invading an entire country. The Peace Corps is similar to those who go on mission trips in the name of Jesus. Instead, the American government pays people to go abroad in the name of the United States to do things such as teach English, treat the sick and feed the hungry. In return, people get education benefits to be used later in life.

  • The Peace Corps is a worthy project

    The Peace Corps. has always been about showing a softer face of America. It is amazing how many places outside the United States don't have a good idea about what America is all about. I completely support an organization that represents America's ideals and projects a positive image of America.

  • They help others.

    Yes, the Peace Corps is a worthy project, because it is a way to help people all over the world. The Peace Corps do a great deal of good, training people in third-world countries, or by doing humanitarian charity projects. The Peace Corps also help the people in them to learn about themselves.

  • Yes, the Peace Corps is a worthy project.

    I think that the Peace Corps is a worthy project. I think that such a thing is something that can be beneficial for a lot of people around the world. It is something that people should support because it is about something positive. It also helps people and society get along.

  • They really put it on the line.

    I used to want to be a member of the Peace Corp. So I did some research into the group. They have professionals on their staff who risk their lives on a regular basis, at no pay, simply to save lives and improve the living conditions of total strangers. There are few groups I admire more.

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