Is the pending Russia proposal to ban all US adoptions justified?

  • They are Justified

    Coming from an American, people over here were adopting out Russian children and then killing them. There are children in America that need to be adopted. Why adopt out of country? I think Russia is justified in this, for protecting their orphaned children. America is not a good country anymore. Russians don't want to take the risk and this is perfectly justified. If I were Russia, I would tell the American that there are plenty of children to adopt within their own country. As stated previously, this country is but a laughing stock anymore. I'm embarrassed to live in this country full of idiots. And ran by idiots. The children are better off in Russia.

  • The proposal to ban US adoptions is not justified

    Americans make wonderful parents. Adoption should only be banned if there are no children left to adopt. If there are children to adopt let someone with a good situation adopt them! I don't know why this proposal got started but from what I understand Russia has many problems in the happy family area so if there's a family happy to take a child in need, why prevent that.

  • Absolutely not!

    Banning all U.S. adoptions of Russian children is a horrible idea. It's simple a temper tantrum being thrown by a silly little man. He's willing to force his own citizens to suffer for politics. He was certainly happy enough to send us the children with the worst illnesses in the past. Who will care for those children now? There are not enough adoptive parents in Russia to cover even half of the children waiting for families.

  • Crazy Idea!

    Banning adoption is banning human rights and human need. Some adoptions have been forced upon the parents due to the parents' lack of parenting skills, drug and alcohol abuse and physical abuse problems. Why should a child have to be forced to stay with a parent who can't even take care of himself? Children who are in miserable family lives can be adopted out to families who will care better for them.

  • This act will only increase suffering in the world

    The proposed adoption ban is a mockery of human rights. Putin, in an attempt to spite the United States, is putting the lives and futures of innocent children at risk in a show of global muscle flexing. While the US and Russia may have their differences, children should not be used in such a manner and doing so is contrary to modern ethical norms.

    Posted by: SMT

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