Is the phrase "communist state" a contradiction in terms?

  • Communism is a stateless, classless and moneyless society.

    The state is an organ of class rule, a communist society is classless therefore the state has no meaning. Socialism calls for the 'dictatorship of the proletariat' which, as its title suggests, is a state which the proletariat hold power over the insignificant minority of the bourgeois class in an attempt to end the class system. Once successful, the state has no meaning and will wither away into an administrative function (the state is not the same thing as a government). A communist state is in fact a contradiction in terms.

    - Comrade Njordr

  • In the strictest sense

    Communist states, all over the world the last century in a number of different forms, by definition are something else entirely - oligarchic dictatorships. By definition a communist state would not have a bureaucratic organization or classes, which is obviously not the case in literally every such government that has existed.

  • It's never for the people.

    Yes, the phrase communist state is a contradiction in terms, because a communist political group is controlled by the top down, without the input of the people who actually make up the state. You know that when a state calls itself the "People's Republic of ____," the Republic likely has little to do with the welfare of the people.

  • You cannot be a communist without a state

    If the world were one giant group of people under one government, then the term "state" would be unnecessary. However, we live in a world that has many states. Not all of them are communists. Defining which states are communist and which are not is how the term evolved. The two terms are even separate in context. In this instance, the state is the noun, and communist is a pro-noun.

  • No Its Not

    Communism is a form of government and state simply means a region that is unified, usually under some form of government so the phrase communist state make complete sense. There is no reason to assume the phrase is a contradiction is defined as a combination of statements, ideas, or features of a situation that are opposed to one another.

  • No, communism is a philosophy.

    A state is a group of people who decides to follow a particular culture and political path. Communism is a political philosophy that can be followed, just as democracy is that kind of philosophy. Its ideals have to do with equality and the sharing of resources and, like democracy, it has never been followed in its pure state.

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