• It Is Hate Masquerading As Science

    The Pioneer Fund claims it is researching the science of heredity, but when one looks closer at the group, they do not bare scrutiny. They dress up white supremacist ideology as science. In the end, they are just looking for fancy ways to justify their own racism. This is easily scene with their dubious research into race as it relates to IQ scores.

  • Yes: The Pioneer Fund is Politically Aligned With the Radical Right

    The Pioneer Fund was set up to advance notions of racial disparities, which promoted white supremacy and the separation of races, with analogues in the eugenics movement and Nazism. This belief system carries resonance with in the modern day radical right which is known for its antipathy towards blacks and other people of color.

  • Not at all

    I think that this fund is a very fair thing, and that it is going to be something that ends up helping out a whole lot of people in the long run. So no I do not think that it is aligned with the far right, I think it is for everyone.

  • Pioneer Fund is nt far right

    The pioneer fund is not aligned with the far right. It was started back in the 1930's to study race betterment, but those people were not far right.Definitely today, the pioneer fund is not led by far right people, but by people that want to study things that are not usual.

  • They are their own hate group.

    No, the Pioneer Fund is not politically aligned with the far right, because the far right is not racist. Yes, the Pioneer Fund is a bit racist, but the Nazis were and are socialist, not fascist. It is unfair to say that they are aligned with the right because they are racist, when the right is not racist.

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